Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's What I've Been Up To

Good afternoon! Monday, good to me! Not too shabby day for a Monday! Got quite a bit accomplished...First on the list...TAXES! Yucko! Not too thrilled, but didn't have to pay in so that's all that matters, right!

So I thought I'd share what I've been up to lately...well, that's been taking up "some" of my bloggy time... So, with much encouragement from the hub and close, sweet, supportive friends...I started my own business... PLAIN JANE  Below is just a sample of things I make. I have made a dozen other items, putting a new modern spin on a classic hobby...I wish I had taken pictures of everything prior! I made seven Ereader cases, half dozen sparkly, fashionable scarves, too many to count washcloths and hot pads...and the best part, its so customizable! I have had people come to me saying they can't find what they are looking for as far as kitchen accessories etc...and they are thrilled when it is just what they have been looking for! Of course I am thrilled because I am making so many people happy and excited AND making a bit of money on the side! I will post updates and more pictures as I go along. I applied for my EIN number, so this is official! I will also be posting some more information about my other eco-friendly business I started right around Halloween! Now can you see why I haven't been on blogging.....LOL

Cell phone colder, iPod holder, shower scrubby for bar soap

NOOK case

Nook case

Nook case

NOOK case

Cell phone, iPod, camera case

JAVA jacket or stylish wrist sweat band (lol)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Horrible Horrible

WOW! I am a HORRIBLE blogger!!! I am so sorry I haven't blogged since OCTOBER! I have no clue what happened exactly, but I fell off the wagon somewhere! Thank you for those that continued to read and follow anyway! I was so impressed when I checked my stats and I still had visitors and comments!!! Touches my heart and God bless you all!!! I promise to be more faithful and dedicated to my commitment to blog! I guess life just got away from me...To be honest, I needed a "technical" break! But I have a HOOP to share in the next few posts so I hope and pray you'll come back soon and check in on me. I also have a lot of blogs I loved reading to check up on as well! Watch out, here I come!

Again, thanks for your loyalty and I won't let you down when you see what I have coming! Now, if I can just remember how to arrange my blog design...Hehehehe

Much blogging love,

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