Monday, September 10, 2012

Whats NEW?

Hello BLOGGER world? Been away far too long! Who has had a hectic summer? It has been almost fall!! Finally cooling back in school...getting back to some structure. What is your biggest blogging obstacle?

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Interface

I admit it...I don't like change...Don't do well with *some* changes at all...One, is this new Blogger I have put off and put off blogging because I didn't want to deal with it...I even went to Wordpress thinking I would give it a whirl, only to find I disliked it more than Blogger...So as I was poking around to blog, I come across a little icon for settings...and guess WHAT? You can change it back to the old! I had no idea!!! So I'm happy once more...content and able to blog away! 

Lots of twists and turns here lately...the main one with my Celiac and ulcers...trying to find foods, stay out of pain and regulate all these meds...BUT yesterday and today I had NO stomach pain since Easter! I am so excited! So the meds must be working...however, I know the power of prayer and I have to give God all the glory! The only good thing that has come out of this is I'm 20+ pounds lighter! I don't recommend this way of eating at all! Rice, tuna, chicken...occasional salad and mashed potatoes have been my food source. I did find yogurt was pretty safe, however, it has to be the low carb ones. I'm not intentionally eating no carbs...just with Celiac, you haven't much choice.

So anyway, getting better but still see the gastro internist in two weeks...Blood work and CT's all came back normal (except ulcer and celiac) So we shall see. If I go the next two weeks pain free, I think I may just cancel.

Well, busy, crazy hectic day tomorrow!! Calling it a night! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Need Mercy

I'm not sure I'm liking this new blogger format...but what can ya do...just go with the flow, make the best of it...Adapt and overcome...or is it overcome and adapt? Anyway, I have really been having to do both lately...But my first step needs to be HAND IT OVER TO GOD then go from there...So as hard as it is, that is my best and only option. Now does that mean I am always able to do that, humans, we still like to have control of everything...we still want answers NOW and we still want action NOW! So now I can't just sit back, but I have to learn that everything is in God's hands and His time...

With that said, it seems like being tested so much lately has sadly made me a bit bitter...not at God, but confused. Plus today everything has been on my last nerve and feel as though I may just snap! We all have those days...

My top complaints that I feel guilty about today

  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Unreliable People
  • Selfish Parents
  • Those that don't follow through commitments
  • Family that cause needless DRAMA

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