Thursday, March 29, 2012

I See You!

Hey Hey Hey! It's Thursday!! Where has the week gone?? It's been quite a few days since I have blogged...So here GOES!

Funny thing happened today...I was in a neighboring town and had wanted to stop at this Health Food Store for awhile, but always have kids or am in a hurry so never have been able to stop...well, I just so happened to be in that little town and stopped in! There was a sign out front that said "Free Eye Reading". I thought what the heck...The sweetest gal ever was working behind the counter...she was actually the Owners daughter. Her father has had the store for 50 years and has been in the natural health business since. And you could tell...everyone looked healthy, trim and happy!

So anyway, I get my eyes read...She hit the nail on the head on four issues she found just by reading my eye balls! I was astonished! She GOT my attention real quick. Everything she shared wasn't dire straights, but things she seen needing improving. I asked if they were serious and she said no... and if they were she said she always refers to a Physician. So I walked out with two herbal supplements. The best part was she didn't pressure to purchase there...In fact she said when I was ready I could always come back...But I'm thinking, um...I wanna get this going!!!

But the cool thing was, it made me think of the scriptures

Matthew 6:22
The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.

Luke 11:34
The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness. 

How true it feels! Not only can we see the health through our eyes, but the light of Christ. Having the love of Christ, shining in our eyes, window's to our our whole being! And when our health is bad...mental or physical, it shows in our eyes...when we are happy...sad...all our emotions project through our eyes!!!

Ever since my now 10 year old son was little, when he would wake up in the morning or after a nap I'd say "I see stars in your eyes" and he always grinned and smiled...with his eyes!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Random Thoughts from Insomnia

Certain things in life happen for a reason...we don't always know why at the time, and then again we may never know...I do know you can't make excuse after excuse...Life is so short, make the best of it...try putting someone else first, being selfish only bites you in the butt...The past is called "the past" for a reason...I always used to say "God gave us tomorrows to make up for today" but then I thought, what if *this is* my last day? Why not make the very best of today? Why not look into your heart and do the right How many try to put others first? Even those you desire to suffer...WHO is *really* suffering? YOU! Because you can't get over yourself enough to make others happy or take chances...Chances are, they have no clue you are harboring anything, so there again, thus hurting your self! And by golly if I want to BELIEVE in God, BELIEVE in His Son as our Savior and we are saved by faith and grace of His blood, then I will! You believe what you so desire...Every single one of us is given that freedom! You have to fight for what you believe in to be the best...but not always best for YOU....

OOoooo....did you think I was done? Not a chance! This was just the mini-novel I posted on Facebook!  I will admit, I had some personal emotion behind it, but for the most part, feelings from others' comments as well as a very dear friends post, just made me want to say *something* I mean we are all so good at wanting/needing/giving advice...((OH and I can always get the plain hard truth from the hub and besties))...But as most of us know, it;s through prayer and meditation! God already knows the out come, we just have to be faithful and prayerful so He can show us favor as He sees...God wants us to boldly come to Him with our needs! Just remember what the motives are, who or what are you begging Him to bless? 

Just a side effect of not being able to sleep...Sure hope this isn't one of those blogs that you re-read in the morning and go "OH MY"!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glue Sticks

My brain is so fried today that all I can think about is "Where in the heck did I put that big bag of hot glue sticks?" Trivial, and not very interesting...but none the less, annoying...Oh it isn't just glue sticks..its things I just *know* I won't forget I put this or that, here or there...never to be found again...or found after I had to repurchase that item again OR my favorite is when I find gifts, months later... So anyway... My goal is to find the disappearing glue sticks today...then be so frazzled, I will put off what I need them for another day...

I really am considering getting one of those pens you talk into "Note to self...." Oh whatever...I'll just "misplace" that too!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Get this....

Happy Monday...well, almost Tuesday actually. What a day! I have lots to ramble about but can't wrap my head around writing *just* the right thing... Ever have those days? 

I haven't shared too much about a very personal journey I am on...actually I have two biggies and they both really correlate with the many ways...

I will kind of start with my Christian walk. When my mother was dying, less than two years ago, she made me promise I would be right with God, be at peace, have a relationship with Him and our Savior. She didn't want me to have the fear and unrest of being on the brink of death just grasping not only for air, but the peace and reassurance of going to Heaven. At that time, less than two years ago, I said I would pray, I would plead with God, but I wasn't "filled" with the Holy Ghost...The one thing needed, above all to totally grasp scripture, to pray boldly and to be at peace with my mothers impending death. My husband, being very wise in scripture, my mom counted on him to help her find peace, to pray with her...she could see and feel at peace with him. She made him promise to help me have a relationship with Our Father in Heaven.

I can go into a zillion excuses why I wasn't able to totally devote my life to Christ. Then, 17 November 2011, my birthday, I was driving home from my home town almost 70 miles away. I just got this overwhelming feeling, I can't explain it, over come by the prompting of the Spirit inside of me, but about 45 minutes from my house, I broke down. I went to praying...praying as if my life depended on it, and it really DOES! I submitted myself and asked for forgiveness. I think I cried and prayed all the way home. I prayed on everything going on in my merry-go-round of thoughts! When I was done I felt a peace I had been needing so badly since my mother had died. I even asked God to tell mom hi, that I love her and I'm okay. Is that okay to do? I don't know everything...I barely have scratched the surface in my knowledge of the Bible and all it's glorious passages, but I do know, "I can do all thing's through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13 (That happens to be my husband's life verse). 

So as the two year date of my mothers death approaches, I want to have grown more and more everyday so she, but mostly God, see's my faith, my life change and transform. 

I have read some pretty amazing "Christian" blogs, women of faith and wonderful testimonies in various blogs and have been very inspired...I also have had many many blessings and have had others working on me to be better and inspired...But last night, as I was writing a letter to my dad, I was actually so full of the spirit I couldn't stop writing to him, to share what I had learned.

This is MY life verse!

Lastly, because I didn't intend on this being so long, I have to say my biggest struggle is even though I have never been a "bad" person...didn't make the best choices at times, I have always believed in God and His Son and His sacrifice for us...However, I know God is seeing a wonderful work in me, I pray others in my life will as well and respect that...I have faith, in time, it will be evident and how WONDERFUL that will be!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laundry is.....EXCITING!

It's Saturday!! WOOT! For most of us, its a crazy, no structure day. Some it's a catch up day for things we didn't get done from a work week or whatever takes us away from what we need to do at home...

While I'm listening to the dishwasher run, washer run and taking a break to actually sit, I thought I would blog a bit and check in on all my blogs I follow...

I was actually excited to clean and do laundry today... I have been trying to have an attitude that I "get" to do things...That God has blessed me enough to have the ability to cook, clean, run here and there, be there for family and friends...So in my quest to live "Greener" I made my own laundry soap! Yes, I am an independent consultant for Celadon Road and all their products are chemical free...but it is something I have always wanted to try...and since I was "laid" up and hadn't really been able to go anywhere, I made some! I wish I took step by step pictures :( But next batch I will! I started with just one batch, for about 20 to 25 loads...But, I used some of it on the carpet today, and it worked so well on the orange soda spill, I will make another batch tomorrow or Monday, so I will post recipe and step by step pics!!! OH, plus I used it in the dishwasher, I was so excited!! I felt so Martha "Stewertie"...LOL  But I did take pics of the ingredients I stored in glass containers.

My non-plastic obsession drove me to throw away anything plastic. I did keep a few things, mainly measuring cups as things aren't in them long enough to get the nasty chemicals on our food. I also avoid the microwave...Those two things I will post about soon too! So I went to Hob Lob and got this $30 glass jar, marked down 30%. I didn't need it, but wanted it...and the other ones they had weren't very neat and expensive...So yesterday, on a whim, I ran into Family Dollar and got 3 pretty neat jars for LESS than I spent on the one!!! Oh well... More to come and I can't wait to share!!!
Cute labels coming soon, this will work until then 

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