Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Staying with my Thankful Thursday commitment...Below is my 22 since last Thursday. If you want to join in, go ahead and click RIGHT HERE! Thanks for stopping by and have a great and thankful Thursday!

23) My son spending some special time visiting the last few days

24) The SUN today

25) The girls at work for pulling my weight when I was sick

26) The sweet book Josh got me reminding him of times I would sing to him

27) Sweaters :*)

28) Goes without saying but ALWAYS Thankful for GOD

29) The hub

30) The kiddo's

31) Fun Fall activities

32) DAV (Disabled American Vets)

34) Thankful for eye openers

35) I know it sounds crazy, but my plants...if you knew the ratio of dead to living plants in my adult life, you'd be thankful my thumb is greener...LOL

36) My pink bathroom for the memory behind the pink :D

37) The kindness of strangers

38) My Aunts pumpkin farm

39) Lessons from the past that I can apply today

40) Thankful that Am normal compared to some that are on Peoples Court  :*)

41) My neighbors

42) Thankful for being able to be at the boys' swim lessons

43) Pure love

44) Memories from my cluttered refrigerator

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well, the last two days have been hectic...Good, but hectic...

Last night was date night...and tonight was my out of town day... 

So, even though I haven't had a chance to really blog...I have been thinking about what I would blog about when I could get some uninterrupted time! 

Until then, happy blogging, and happy reading :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm so excited!! Check it out at Mom Blog Society!! Take a look around too! Great bloggers and awesome gals!!! Get your coffee, soda, tea, water...Or beverage of choice ((wink, wink)) and enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 I have been pretty sick the last few days...And I am a big baby! I just don't do well...I'm whinny, get bored and just don't like feeling blahh and achy! Who does, right...But between dozing in and out, I was able to read quite a few blogs. OMG! There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there. I've had a few good laughs, shed a couple tears and learned a few things too! I commented and followed so many and am looking forward to check in on those blogs often. One blog in particular I spent a lot of time at is Becoming A Strong Woman of God. So uplifting and gets you thinking. It is requested we have a list of a 1000 things we are thankful for...writing 22 a day...I thought, I can do that! So below is my 22 things I'm grateful for. If you get a chance, head over and read about it at Thankful Thursday!

My biggest dilemma about doing this is, do I start at 1000 and count down, or start at 1, being most thankful for... Oh boy...okay, starting at 1, being most thankful and work to 1000. So this is going to be my Thursday posts! YAY!

1. It's a gimme...The Good Lord and all His blessings, forgiveness and life
2. My boys
3. My husband...especially since I have been sick
4. Our good health, because without it, we would have nothing
5. My family 
6. My friends 
7. Living in Indiana (if your military you understand :))
8. My dog Trip 
9. Wisdom I have listened to
10. Wisdom I should have listened to
11. For my name and it's special meaning
12. Generations of memories from family
13. Our Freedom 
14. My job (even tho it's just a few hours a week)
15. My community 
16. My van 
17. Awkward teenage moments 
18. America
19. Military
20. The little kids that ring my door bell off just to say HI :D
21. Colors 
22. Modern Medicine and old remedies

Writing this, there is no particular order...I was so worried one thing would look more "important" or not as thankful for...But as I listed, I just put what popped up. So no pressure on any particular order!! Just go with it...have fun and smile as you see what you really have to be thankful for...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saling, takes me away...

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a fan of garage/yard sales...Now my sister on the hand could spend everyday going to yard sales! I can't have them at all...I'm not really sure why...I would rather take everything I don't want to Goodwill...I have to say, I'm not even really a shopper...I really have to be in the mood...So when our housing addition had their annual community sale, I thought what the heck...I spent four hours going house to house checking everything out...I only had $7 cash on me so I thought when that was gone...I'd go home. Well, the third house I ended up at, had a beautiful McCoy vase! The gal selling said she would give me a good deal...that the $40.00 on it could be negotiated. I said I needed to think about on to the next one I went...pondering this vase...It was so lovely...well, I ended up going to the ATM and pulling $60.00 out...and went right to that sale with the vase...even *if* it was $40. it was a steal because it is a rare piece. Well, after talking to her, she had a pottery book she sold  me and a few other things. I ended up getting this cool magazine rack, book, vase, old pink lovely casserole dish, a tin for my sis and a linen table runner...all for $35! OH NO! I was in the mood to shop! LOL Off I went to a few others, finding a McCoy casserole dish in my brown drip pattern...a cool shelf...a 1940's Kraft cheese wooden box...a few other things (clothes for kids)...and came home with $5.00 left...LOL

So in my adventures, the hub excited for me and proud of my bargain shopping...and I have to admit, FUN!! The tin and washboard are for my sister :D
I guess it is kind of good I don't get in the mood too often...LOL May break the bank!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Baby Why

Why oh why can't I get the thought of having a baby out of my head? I mean what can I do about tubes have been cut and cauterized...I even went so far as getting a laparoscopy to see if all my girl parts were still in good shape to get them "put back together". Everything looked scheduled surgery to reverse my tubal. Well, the morning of my operation I chickened out! I also had the "guilt's"...and "what ifs". Here I had four amazing, healthy boys...what if something would it make them feel...All these *feelings* I couldn't get a hold of...How fair is it to go through with something that I was feeling selfish for doing...So here is where I am...CONSTANTLY thinking back to the day I could have had a chance to be a *mommy* again...I'm blessed to be a mom, but to bring a child into the world with the love of my life and have that opportunity to nurse again, go through all those fun stages, teaching moments...Then I start feeling bad again...some women will never experience that at all...why must I hold on to having a baby. 

So guess what I did all afternoon? Read on IVF! Insurance won't pay for any of it...and like I said, I have four other boys and my husband has two girls. My boys' father and I brought our boys into this world with love but we were not *in love*...Actually I didn't really know how to love a man until I met my husband...nor until I met him have I been able to receive love. It is just so different and I want to experience having, making a baby IN LOVE! 

Now, after writing this I feel a tad selfish...I am almost 39! When will this need pass? It's not a void I'm trying to fill...How oh how do I get passed this?


I spent so much time searching and configuring my blog, I didn't really have the time to blog :D

If you know anything about me at all...LOL I am forever trying out different blog designs, backgrounds, etc... 
So in an attempt to bring in fall a wee early...beings as it is only going to be 60' tomorrow...I decided to try a different color/theme...Kinda like Indiana old saying "If you don't like the weather stick around it'll change" Could be for your state as well...or your blog for that matter...LOL 

At any rate, stick around and stay tuned :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just some thoughts on what I have learned the last few days...

Sometimes no matter what you do it is never good enough

I really admire and appreciate my husband

My boys are so more resilient than I ever imagined

The Good Lord really does want us to hand over our troubles to Him 

I'm really not as young and spry as I thought I was

I have a LOT more thoughts, but maybe here isn't exactly the best place for my revelations...

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