Monday, April 2, 2012

Slowly Reforming

So who hasn't had "Pie in the sky" goals...plans...ideas... I think everyone of us tend to have these high aspirations and "lists" that sometimes seem so overwhelming we just give up...Well, that is where I was headed!

My "changes" that I had in mind were just way too many at one time... I over estimate and have high expectations... Then wonder why I can't fulfill just ONE thing...

Well, I guess its like that song goes "One Day at A Time...Sweet Jesus..." One thing, one day at a time...Not 10 things in one day! HA! Oh boy can I get my self in a mental pickle....

So, my goal for today is to read and remind God of His promises when I pray. Study His promises and pray on them. I know that will help me to continue with my other goals..

I'll work on making my list and blog it...later...LOL

Have a GREAT and BLESSED day!!!


  1. My mom told me today to "stay in your own hula hoop". Meaning just focus on yourself, not your sister, husband, kids etc. That is hopefully going to help me refocus on what I need to do, not what I think everyone else needs to do:)


  2. OOOHHH! Thanks Jessica!!! I love it! But I especially love that motherly wisdom!! What would we ever do with out all that wisdom! I appreciate all my mama's words, even if it was quirky sometimes...LOL

  3. GOOD LUCK JANE! Seems everytime I try TOO much I get knocked down. The scriptures tell us to not run more than we are able. Sometimes bettering our lives means one step at a time. I CAN be perfect in one way...then work on the other while maintaining the first one. haha Or so they say...
    Love ya lots. Hugs too!

  4. I know! That is one goal was a simple, take my vitamins, supplements etc...So that is going good...The next and most important is to study scriptures and memorize one verse a week...a few 100 more to go...LOLOL

    Love ya Cherie girl!!!

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining my "Family of Readers". I know what you mean about getting too many things going at once! LOL! That's the story of my life~ LOL!

    God Bless,

  6. I need to remember this lesson too! I am such an all or nothing person sometimes!


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