Friday, February 10, 2012


It was, just after my husband leaving in a "huff" from coming home for lunch, which lasted all of 10 minutes, I seen this photo posted on a friends wall on Facebook...Oh how The Good Lord has His ways of humbling you, even through Facebook. And as a side note, I put on YouTube to write, and my Beatles channel is play "All ya need is love". 

So the hub texts me 45 minutes before be basically was leaving for lunch to see if I wanted a soda...I reply appreciatively, yes. Then 15 minutes later, he says "You have lunch ready"...I didn't reply, because I "assumed" he was on his way...well, half hour later, he shows up..Of course his lunch is cold...and the vibe he gave off when he walked in the door wasn't exactly "HI HONEY, Sorry I'm so late..." it was just that vibe, girls, you know what I'm saying here...So of course, I'm not the most welcoming as I once was...Not excited by any means, as once was earlier, to see him for lunch. So after exchanging some not so pleasant mumbling...he leaves. So, I go back to my cleaning, networking...decided to wax my eyebrows...not once hearing from, being the caddy one, I have to text something not very wifely...

So I get an apology...Sorry you are upset with me...OKAY! How many of you does that really honk off? I mean it's like saying "its not my problem you are upset, I'm just saying the word sorry". So all day, I kept going back to this picture...all day I kept thinking about scripture, all day I kept thinking, "GOD! How many times have you forgiven me" and I realized I was taking my frustrations of unsettling feelings out on him. I realized I was having a hard time forgiving anyone today...Kind of like a pity party of sorts I suppose.

I love you babe, and I am sorry I was caddy today. And thank you Heavenly Father for the reminder, via Facebook memes. 

"If God is for you, who can be against you?"


  1. I think the good thing was that you recognized the messages the Lord was sending you. Sometimes people don't.

  2. I was certainly humbled :) Thanks for comment!!!

  3. Well, my goodness I know something I never suspected...YOU??? Aren't perfect! Goodness me. Haha. I sure love ya...none of us are perfect...that is why we have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ...(and I might add, our friends) to keep us straight! Hugs A lot!

  4. LOL Cherie!!! I use the famous "If I was perfect I'd be dead" line...HAHAHA Hope you are well, thanks for stopping by :) Love ya!!

  5. Stopping by from the Linky Followers Party Hop!

  6. What a great post! Love the message and need to think about this more myself. It's not about who won the argument sometimes. I'm also a Hoosier, so I felt compelled to check out your blog! I'm also a follower now.


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