Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And What Else I have been UP to!

Good evening, afternoon or morning! Whatever time of day you are reading this :)

It has been a FABULOUS Wednesday! Oh wow, almost 45 more minutes and it will be Thursday! Wow where has the day gone? I guess when you get your second wind at 9pm, it goes fast...LOL 

As most of you know, my husband started his own business with XANGO about a year ago...and as much as I love and support him, I just couldn't get into it...We use their products, mainly for myself, the nutrition aspect. The hub SWEARS by the shampoo and soap, but I didn't leave the shower smelling "girly" like I, after becoming schooled on all the chemicals in my favorite products, I just dreaded using them! So, my search was on for chemical free, good smelling, natural products...Oh sure, they have a few in the retail stores, but after seeing the savings by buying wholesale, I thought I would search for my own business! Jumping ahead just a bit, I loved tax time this year...yes, it was work saving all the receipts and hearing our accountant sigh....LOLOL However, having a Home Based Business saved our butts this year at tax time! 

Anyway, I found Celadon Road after searching and searching! They offer the best savings, the best compensation plan and GREAT smelling products! YAY! I was smelling girly again...without guilt and fear! 

So now I am an Independent Consultant with Celadon Road and LOVE it! Not only do I love chemical free, the wide variety of products (love the bamboo) but mostly helping others change their chemical laden products; even if it is just one at a time!

I will continue the XANGO nutritional products, but if I want to smell good, its Celadon Road all the way! 

Being the competitive beasts the hub and I can be, I plan on smoking him! LOL  Feeling good physically, smelling good, healthy cleaners and cool Bamboo products...just to name a few, is going to allow me to add to our income, and hopefully "beat" him by tax time next year!

You can check out what we have to offer by CLICKING HERE! Any questions, comments or feedback would be awesome! And if you aren't into the "party" scene, you can just order individually online...or reap some rewards and host an "online" party... and if you want to save paying Uncle Sam, sign up for some extra income and some awesome tax benefits!

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