Monday, February 20, 2012

Mouth to mouth

Well, we are out of town, seeing a specialist for my mouth. I have severe TMJ and they can't do anything to fix it until I get two other teeth corrected. I just finished up one today, then had pre-opp for tomorrows implant. So I hope it goes smoothly. I pray for peace and comfort, and all in all, that should be enough, right? Well, being human, and a neurotic baby when it comes to dental work, I got a little freaked out. Last time someone drilled into a bone in my body, I didn't walk for six months... So imagine my excitement! Anyway, I just wanted to touch base here, in case you were on pins and needles wondering why I haven't blogged in a few days. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I have a FAB blog to post WITH pictures once I'm all good to go!



  1. Hey Cutie! We will be praying. Hugs alot...and especially when they drill...know what you mean. I am a big chicken too! Love ya
    Cherie (and Jeff)

  2. Thanks!!! Just got home.Pretty much ready to call it a nite. I'm sorry, some have a higher threshold of pain, but if someone says "It wasn't bad, or it didn't hurt" They are full of bull...LOL For real, probably one of the most painful dental experiences...Going to let the meds work and call it a nite. Thanks again! Lotsa love and hugs!

  3. Junk. I HATE going to the dentist for this type of work. Best wishes!!!!


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