Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Rush!

Okay, so I have spent a good, oh three hours online going from blog to blog! I love it!!! BUT, now the MAD DASH is on to get stuff know, to make it look like I've been busy in the house all day...slaving ;) I have a count down that I kind of stick to...a time frame in my head when I know I have to put it in gear! 

Do you have a Mad Dash time?


  1. Yes! From 4-5 PM! :)
    New follower from FNF Hop! I look forward to your posts and hope you'll follow back:

  2. I love it! Thanks for comment! Heading there now!YAY!!

  3. Sometimes I feel like ALL THE TIME is mad dash time! haha :) Following you now from the FNF Hop! Would love if you'd follow back!:

  4. Honey my whole life is a mad dash until I fall down! I'm a wife, mom,full time college student, business owner, Oma (Grandma), I have six kids two grown and out, a 13,14,15(sixteen the 29) and a 24 year old with Asperger's. It never stops! That's life of a mommy! But every once in a while I do goof off and then....take the kids out to eat! Not often but sometimes. My husband works nights so I can get away with it! Found you on the Frog (also replied to your question 39 and over)and am now following you! If you want please follow me at

  5. Hi Natalie!!! I was just over at your blog :) I'm not too far from you :)

    YOU are a very busy lady!!! That's how I am, go go go...then "look" like I've done something...hahaha!

    Thanks for follow


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