Monday, February 14, 2011


As I promised in a previous blog, I am dedicating this post to my BFF...Missy is here name and ironically we share the same middle name as well! Little did we know when we met, just how much we would share...I will start from the beginning.
We had just moved into our house, that is more like town houses...aka old school base housing. My BFF is a Marine wife and I of course am an Air Force wife. The day we met, I happened to be playing football outside in their yard with their kids and mine. She swears my shirt was way too revealing and ended up getting mad and walking to a friends house because he husband was out there as well and according to her my breasts were just too much for her to handle while running around out yes, our first encounter was one of hatred because of my breasts! Well, while playing football, I twisted my ankle and it swelled and turned all pretty blues and, later that evening, my husband felt the need to take me to ER to have it looked at...well guess who we asked to come sit with the kids? Yep, our new neighbors...and that night, we became life long sisters and our families bonded. Little did I know at the time she was angry...Yes, her husband is a cutie and sweet, but I had the most amazing husband and didn't even have a thought of Mr. Marine...So  the days went by and we grew closer and closer...then my husband left for Iraq! We were married just a month before he left, I was new to the city, new to the neighborhood and scared for my husband. So we were either next door or they were over here. We would cook together, shop, cry and I on occasion  referred an argument or two between Mr and Mrs Marine. I fell in love with their kids, and their daughters became mine. My boys fell in love with them and they truly are the family we got to choose! As I think back to those wonderful moments I have to hold back my tears. Tears of joy, sadness and intense misery missing them so much! I have so many stories, pranks, crazy hair ball moments (literally) that I will never in my life ever experience again. Missy is my soul sister. God put us together. We are the Alpha and Omega and sometimes we are each others own Devil and Angel on the shoulder...If I don't come up with it, she does :D

Well, Like most things in life, all good things must come to an end and I knew it could happen, but it snuck up on me. What was I going to do? I still had two months until my husband would be coming back, and they were being transferred. I felt an extreme empty spot coming on in my life. I had just had my missing puzzle piece found when I married my husband, then when they told me they were going to NC I felt that little piece of me fall out of place. How can they do this? I was a good cook, entertainment, referee, place of snoozing for B after school, my boys were in love w/Mr Marine and thought Mrs Marine was gorgeous and sweet...Our family wasn't just on our side, it was both. I love her! I never knew you could have a genuine love for the same sex with out being considered a lesbo :) There was a deeper connection and relationship that went beyond any girlfriend relationship I ever had. Maybe I just didn't open myself up, maybe I wasn't ready, maybe The Good Lord waited to show me true kindred friendship until her. All I can do is thank the Good Lord!

I also want to thank our Heavenly Father not just for blessing our families to be one, but for my Missy's health. See, she is a thyroid cancer survivor with many other health issues that she has been able to fight. She is a fighter in all areas of her life and this was no different. She goes and goes for us, her glorious girls, family and friends. I love her...I love her strength and admire her will to keep going. It would be so easy to just give up with all that she endures, but she doesn't...shes more driven than before. Please God, help me to have her strength.

One more thing about my amazing BFF...She has this unique personality. She can light up a room with her smile and then have that whole room mesmerized by her beautiful smile, quick whit and smart ass sarcasm. Yep, she is truly the whole package. We can't wait, as in a few more years both our wonderful Military men will be retiring about the same time and they are moving back to Indiana...and YES we are already planning what city we will all be in together because we never want to be apart again.

 I love you BFF MMI! You make my days better, my tough times more manageable and you, my dear love, get get "me" and I thank you for so much! I can't wait to pick up where we left off...this time I will have a sidekick...I have a few tricks in mind to get even for some of y'alls pranks!

I'm proud of you, proud of all your sacrifice and proud to have you as my BFF!


  1. Everyone has a true friend out there, somewhere. If they are lucky, they will find each other, like you two did. But many times something happens to keep those two special people from finding each other. Have you ever thought what might have happened if you had NOT hurt your ankle that day? She may have stayed mad at you for showing off your breasts and never talked to you again. Sometimes God lets bad things happen to you so good things can catch up with you. I am glad you found your soul sister.

    Uncle Frank

  2. I know! I guess it is true, us women use what we have :D I am truly blessed and we still laugh and laugh to this day about it! I had so many stories I wanted to share, but just would have ended up a book! I love her so much!!! I will never have a friend like her...ever...Don't get me wrong, I have some extremely amazing girlfriends for life, but there is always that one that has your heart and soul.
    Love ya Uncle Frank! And Thanks for posting!!!!

  3. jane the blogger. cool. sweet post about your friend.

  4. Hi, visiting from blog frog. Your blog is soooo cute!


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