Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time keeps slipping...slipping away

Yes, the title is a song...and my song for the year so far. I know I am not alone when I say where has the year gone so far! Gosh I wish I would have listened to my grandparents. They were so wise and spoke from experience. Now I am sharing that passed on wisdom and advice I didn't heed, to my own children. I know they want to figure things out on their own just like I did as an adolescent...I suppose that is only natural. What do you think about quality verses quantity? Well, being the selfish person I am, I want both with those I love. It isn't possible at times with activities, meetings and the dreaded shared parenting time...I shouldn't say boys absolutely love both their father and I and our shared times. They want to be with mama more...although sometimes I feel like its only because I am more of a push-over and I listen to their every complaint. I am blessed though that my boys do come to me over their dad. I guess moms are easier to talk to. We have more patience and are generally more sympathetic. Boys cherish their mothers and I am blessed to have the most amazing boys.

So story time. My 13 year old calls me the other night crying and scared. He is my neurotic one and tends to think he has every ailment around. As his mother I feel responsible for this as at one time I was not so calm and laid back about every cold...flu...any sickness I was sure I was dying...I will thank my grandmother for this one (smiling big for you grandma G). Anyway, Noah calls completely freaked out because he just knows he has an STD...He seen a commercial for STD symptoms and he "has" everyone of them...So I said, Noah, you haven't had sex have you? He replies with a "ewww, no mom." I say "well, why do you think you have an STD?" He replies he kissed a girl after school after he walked her home (he even carried her book bag). I asked if he Frenched kissed her and again got an ewww. Trying not to giggle I assured him he did not have an STD and the only way you can get that is by having sex. And being a mom, I had to slip in that usually it's because they aren't married and when you have sex before you are married that kind of thing can sometimes happen. So I continue with the whole wait for sex thing and its so know how we do. He assured me he was waiting because he didn't want to have an STD and be like those people on the commercial. Ok, so I'm not a fan of scare tactics but this one I may make an exception for. Talked to Noah last night and this morning and he is better. He said he will kiss this girl again but maybe just the cheek. I told him that it was ok to kiss on the cheek or hold hands. I just love being a mama!


  1. You're a good mom and they are soooo blessed to have you. I don't want an STD either. He is a very very smart young man! :)

  2. Thanks Cherie! You made my heart smile, love ya!

  3. Ha, I love that! It was very clever how you worded that you can get one if you do it before marriage! Ha, I was cracking up!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am not sure how to private message so if you would like to tell me, I would be very happy! lol

    I'll talk to you later!


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