Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been wanting to blog the last few days...mainly about my "woe is me's" but I have gotten hooked on reading about Nelson McCoy Pottery. See, I inherited my mothers collection of McCoy planters and a few vases and table deco. She wanted me to take them before she died, but I left them on the shelves so she could still see and enjoy them. That was her collection...among many...but her favorite by far. So for months after she passed I still hadn't gotten them...Then one day I decided I was ready. So on one of my weekly visits, I stopped at "moms" and went ahead and packed them up...All sixteen McCoy treasures. I brought them home and washed them all up and designated a whole shelf in my large cabinet. For awhile I would just look at them and wonder what exactly I should do with them...My sister nor my brother had any interest in them so I didn't need to share (even though I would). So the other day I stopped at an antique shop and my eyes instantly drew to the McCoy items...Mercy! I think I can finally come to appreciate my mothers collection and am now fully hooked! So, the last few days, instead of grumbling, I have Etsy'd, eBay'd and searched for McCoy! In fact I just purchased my first official McCoy wall hanging...with many in my "watch" list! I have a crazy feeling my kids will now, someday not only inherit my mothers collection, but mine as well.

I'm sure most know what McCoy Pottery is, but until yesterday I didn't know the history behind the Company. In fact, I am still learning...I'm like that, I have to have the history to back something up. So hopefully in the coming weeks, I can bore you with a summary of the pottery company.I am also going to take pictures of my collection so you can see why I would be crazy~gaga over something so beautiful! 

I used to collect old metal matchbox I was searching the antique shops, I was getting that "need to start again" feeling...Hmmm...we shall see!

 Here is what I am eyeballing right now...must...have...dishes...

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, I did it...opened my big I'm feeling bad. Maybe not bad, but frustrated that 
A) I let my emotions get the best of me and 
B) Complained when I really should have let it roll off

So here is a letter I wrote about a local Culvers today...I THOUGHT it was going to corporate, but come to find out, after reading the "Thank you for contacting your local Culvers Owner" I went into OH CRAP mode! So of course she will know who I am! Not only will I go back there because I'm disappointed, but because she will absolutely HATE me!

So here is the letter I wrote thinking it was going to Corporate!

 Twice a week I go north of the state and pass through Wabash and at least once a week I would stop at Culvers and get a "treat". Most of the time it was a Concrete Mixer but on occasion I would get some "food". A few weeks ago, I went through drive-thru and was greeted rather poorly and pulled away vowing to never go to Culvers (at least this one) again. After talking to a few friends who live around and in Wabash,it seemed I was not the only one who has had poor experiences!!! In fact this same owner told a gentleman that had an issue with their rudeness that she owned the place and didn't answer to anyone! Well, tonight my husband and I were heading back home and I asked him if he would stop, a mixer sounded good. He was hesitant per the last experience but we went anyway...Let me tell you, I can GUARANTEE we will not be visiting Wabash Culvers no matter what frozen custard craving I may have. The OWNER of all people was extremely rude and short. She had no patience for my husband to decide what he wanted and he ended up not getting anything (lost sale). I regrettably ordered a Brownie Batter Mixer that was so runny and had very little brownie and so chocolaty I didn't even eat it...In the garbage it went! I requested vanilla custard and she acted like it was a huge ordeal. As we drove off, it seemed very chocolaty and I had my husband stop to run in and make sure it was vanilla...Let me tell you, biggest mistake! "The customer is always right" motto does not exist with her. She was so short and matter of fact and had no problem being down right rude. I asked if she owned this Culvers and she replied she did,and as I was walking out, I, unfortunately made a short comment that "everyone answers to someone..." well, she didn't hear and rudely yelled WHAT DID YOU SAY? So I repeated and walked out. She may not answer to anyone...and this complaint may go to the way side, but I will tell all my friends and family not to visit that Culvers. I will recommend as well as visit other establishments from here on out. We live in Indiana...Not New York or any other big city where it MIGHT be understandable to be snooty and rude... Thank you for your time and and hopefully a resolve in this matter. I think Culvers standards are a little more higher than allowing it's franchises to have a bad reputation...and independent owners that have no accountability! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, what a wild and crazy last few weeks! I have been getting up early and getting much accomplished...Not a morning person...YUCK...But I have lots to do and little time so its Go Go Go!!

I am so excited I got Joshua's Commencement announcements and his Graduation Party invitations done! YAY! They are so cute too...I mean cool...can't say anything remotely cute when it has to do with an 18 year old boy...LOL

Now, off to help a pal then Indy for an event...Neighbor is staying here and taking care of Trip and I am ever so grateful! 

Adding song that I am using on Josh's Graduation video I'm making!!! Happy Saturday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom, Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mom,

Hi there! Hope all is well with you! I am sure you are enjoying Julie Ann and all our friends and family. I'm sure you are rejoicing and prasising the Good Lord for all He has blessed our family with. It is amazing I made it through the second Mothers Day without you. I have to be happy you are free and healthy and happy.

It has been quite a month and only going to get crazier! Can you believe Josh went to Prom and now on his way to manhood, graduating in June. I get teared up thinking about my baby boy being a "grown up". I sometimes go into a panic I can't stand it. You would be a mess too! LOL He sure is special. He is getting a new car...well, old one...1967 Pontiac something or other. It's a boat! He is keeping the "Funion" of course. He will never get rid of the car his grandma Carter gave him. I sure wish it would have came with a case of money in the trunk...that car bleeds Shane and I dry! LOL

Wish you were here so I could call and talk to you. Not only has today been tough missing you, it's just kind of been pretty sucky. Josh had to work, so I didn't get to see him...The boys and Jamathan made the day special though. Flowers and a funny IHOP for dinner, my fave. It was good in that regard. I would just love to vent...share with my mom what is really going on...someone to tell all my secrets, pain and someone to put me in my place. Love me and share their wisdom. I am just so sick and tired of always being nice...always giving in...trying to make everyone happy...I know, pity party for me...and YES I want some cheese to go with that whine! 

 Well, sitting here wrighting you and listening to the Beatles. Black Bird is my tribute to you. What a song that I feel was written just for you. Actually I can't listen to any Beatles song without thinking of you and picking out something that reminds me of you. My newest favorite song is GET BACK. YouTube has a cool video of them playing it on a rooftop in London. Too bad Yoko had to break them up! Crazy lady! OH and get this, Paul is getting remarried! HA! I love him but isn't he a gluten for punishment! I love how you made music such a natural part of our lives. Memories in the sounds and words touch me and sometimes give me all kinds of mixed feelings! 

Gosh I love and miss you so much! Stacy and Steve are doing good I suppose. Steve is working all the time. I miss talking with him. He seems so detached lately. I was trying to give him time to has been rough on him...mainly his own doing. Stacy is laid off and so happy about that. She is enjoying being off with the boys. We had lunch Friday. She has her days and sometimes wonder if I am helping her enough. Since you have been gone, I don't know what my purpose is sometimes. You being "Bank of mom" and me taking care of the kids' emotional stuff just doesn't seem to the same...don't feel as needed by them anymore. That is hard. Kind of like my own kids growing out of that stage. 

Well mother, it's late and I have a big case tomorrow morning. YUCK! You know what a morning person I am and not thrilled I have to testify. I love what I do but it pulls at the heart. Besides, Jamathan is looking at me like I need to get some sleep. 

I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul. Tomorrow I am making a special page on here just for music for you. Thank you for being my mom and doing the best you ever could. I am okay....right?

Good night,
All my love,
Jane Marie

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