Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been wanting to blog the last few days...mainly about my "woe is me's" but I have gotten hooked on reading about Nelson McCoy Pottery. See, I inherited my mothers collection of McCoy planters and a few vases and table deco. She wanted me to take them before she died, but I left them on the shelves so she could still see and enjoy them. That was her collection...among many...but her favorite by far. So for months after she passed I still hadn't gotten them...Then one day I decided I was ready. So on one of my weekly visits, I stopped at "moms" and went ahead and packed them up...All sixteen McCoy treasures. I brought them home and washed them all up and designated a whole shelf in my large cabinet. For awhile I would just look at them and wonder what exactly I should do with them...My sister nor my brother had any interest in them so I didn't need to share (even though I would). So the other day I stopped at an antique shop and my eyes instantly drew to the McCoy items...Mercy! I think I can finally come to appreciate my mothers collection and am now fully hooked! So, the last few days, instead of grumbling, I have Etsy'd, eBay'd and searched for McCoy! In fact I just purchased my first official McCoy wall hanging...with many in my "watch" list! I have a crazy feeling my kids will now, someday not only inherit my mothers collection, but mine as well.

I'm sure most know what McCoy Pottery is, but until yesterday I didn't know the history behind the Company. In fact, I am still learning...I'm like that, I have to have the history to back something up. So hopefully in the coming weeks, I can bore you with a summary of the pottery company.I am also going to take pictures of my collection so you can see why I would be crazy~gaga over something so beautiful! 

I used to collect old metal matchbox I was searching the antique shops, I was getting that "need to start again" feeling...Hmmm...we shall see!

 Here is what I am eyeballing right now...must...have...dishes...

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