Monday, November 22, 2010

All About Me Monday

Wow! Where to start... a whole page all about me? I follow and love and I really wanted to participate... How do I sum up such a complex "me"? I guess I can start with the basics... I am a very lucky military wife with four awesome boys. I volunteer in my community as much as possible. I love watching my boys do their activities. I am addicted to Court TV shows (silly grin). I have high ambitions to be Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker but tend to fall short ;) I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, FaceBook and my cell phone. I am extremely directionally impaired even with a GPS. My new favorite lotion is Bath and Body Works Lemon Vanilla Summer. My all time FAVE perfume is Burberry. I have a closet habit that need to work on giving up. I love my country and first and foremost always try to put GOD first.

Whew... well, that pretty much sums it up for now... I will keep thinking though!

OH and pink is my favorite color...oh and silver...and browns...ooops, can't forget about the teals :D


  1. You forgot a few important facts about yourself Dear Jane. You forgot to mention that you are loved by many, you are incredibly humorous and generous and you give my family so many wonderful memories of your visits!

    Love ya girly!

  2. I think I've commented on 3 of your posts so far today LOL but then I noticed that you just said, that Burberry is your favorite perfume! It's mine too!! along with Juicy Couture and Miss Dior Cherie.. but Burberry is my very favorite!

  3. Ashley you are a doll as always and I miss our chats here lately! We love you and your fam.

    April, Thanks for your comments! I am really enjoying this! I love Burberry! It goes with any activity and outing. I have yet to go out of my Burberry box, but will make an effort to sample your two other faves next time I hit the mall!

  4. You just have to remember, Martha Stewart has a TEAM of people behind her making her look good. ;) At least, that's what I console myself with.

    Thanks for linking up today!

  5. You are so right Caroline! She makes it look so darn easy though :D

    And you are more than welcome ;) Had lots of fun being attached to my laptop all day reading blogs...LOL


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