Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green Eyed Monster

Alright, I can't be the only one who gets CrAzY jEaLoUs... I was thinking today and laughing, but it really isn't funny...I may be a narcissistic, jealous, control freak! Okay, so maybe not "that" bad, but I would say, at times, I get that "it's all about me" feeling...and of course have to have everything in the palm of my hand. It's not even about money, or what I want/don't have...it's more personal than monetary. I didn't used to be so obsessed as I am today. A few years ago, I went to my mother with this issue...well, it wasn't as extreme...and she assured me it would get better and the older I got, the less I would basically give a crap...Then of course did the mom thing and did say IT was all about me...hehehe. Miss you mama!! Could use a good old mom reality check...

So thinking it is going to be up to me to get past these particular recent revelations, I thought I would share what I love about the hub. It only allowed for 10 things, but I could have easily done 100. When you reflect on "why" and "how" you love your mate, it puts the negative on the back burner. So in the course of writing the list, my heart softened a little more and put my own self pity on the back burner.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Figure Out

I am trying to figure out how to put links I love on my blog...I want to add a separate page for cool websites or blogs...I guess I need to read more...Google to the rescue...LOL 

I have a couple things I want to blog about, but I wanted to post this Cool site 
I found last night...Read the "All Apologies" post then found a few other I enjoyed on his blog.  

Well, BUSY day today...so have to get motivated...Post more later.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Well, I spent much of the morning in bed...Yep, I was lazy! I didn't get up until 10 am, and that was only because I had to go potty :D The rest of the day...and it is now 4 pm now mind you, I have spent sprucing up my blog and helping the hub spruce up his...If your so inclined, go check his out...let me know what you think...

So at some point during the day, I made frozen pizzas for us...Not so yummy. Got the Totino's Pizza's because they were on sale, plus had coupon, so basically got six pizzas for less than $2.00. I even tried sprucing them up a bit by adding some left over hamburger and some extra cheese...No such luck...So the hub ended up eating what I didn't...Now my tummy is grumbling...And all I can think about is Chocolate...and for some crazy reason, as a kid, I never really cared for chocolate...But boy am I EVER making up for it! Ohhhh My!!!One of my Facebook Pals is doing the Lindt Chocolatier Home Partys...Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind! Hmmm...But where oh where would I find the time...or should I say budget for new clothes as I would surely eat any profits...hehehehe

Well, better be productive...and if you get a chance...check out the blogs and give your reviews! Have a rip roaring, fantabulous Monday...Okay, that was extreme...Enjoy your day :D

Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, I made a special trip to get the two bags of stone, thinking that would be enough for the small mat...Sadly, it wasn't going to be enough...So, Noah had a great idea...write COX with the dark stone, then get the clear or lighter stone to fill it in...Thought that would be neat and went with it! Hey, I was just happy my 14 year old was spending time sitting at the table, interacting and being so sweet. Here is a pic so far...

Jean Day


Ahhh jeans! I haven't wore them in months! I really wasn't thinking about putting them on when I stepped into the shower this morning...But that quickly changed with the decision not to shave my legs! UGH! There are times I just don't feel like shaving...and I have to admit, in the winter, I forgo doing so sometimes. Okay, well enough about hairy legs...Hahaha 

The last couple of evenings, I have been checking out some pretty awesome blogs! One, has a CUTE pebble mat craft I am so going to try this weekend! The link is http://meli-melo-art.blogspot.com/2010/06/pebble-mat.html if you might feel a bit crafty this weekend...Looks super simple without much time or cost. Will post pics when done...I still haven't started the rag quilts I wanted to make for each of the boys...its okay though...it will happen.

Well, I have to hit the road here in a couple of hours, so I better get my stuff around to get mailed and have time to stop at the Dollar Tree for those pebbles! 

Enjoy your FRIDAY!!! Woot!

New and Improved!!!

Here lately, I have gone to some blogs that have links to their "New and Improved" sites... Is it because they like wordpress or blogger more or less or another blog spot....Hmmm...just curious! I want to be new and improved!!!! But, I'll stay right where I am...I don't have the energy to change it up...LOL

Well, off to take the hub lunch...have a Grrrrreat post to come...The wheels are turning ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!!


I was just getting ready to go to bed, when it hit me...without appearing like Hobby Lobby, that has their Christmas stuff out all ready...I want two trees for Christmas! Okay, the kids can have their tree with all their collections and mama should have a white tree with hot pink accents...Or a hot pink tree with silver and white accents....Something to think about....

Pretty  and  PINK

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


What a lucky, lucky girl I am...I have been blessed with a second chance at love, while experiencing a new community and new friends...But now I wanna go home! I can't say it has been all that bad here...it just isn't home...Still in Indiana, yes, but not where I grew up...where family and friends are. So, being the wonderful man he is, my husband is willing to do some sacrificing for me. ((Not that he never has...this is just way big!)) So we looked at a house in town Monday...Loved it! Kinda small...needs some updating...but is my favorite architectural style, Colonial/Victorian. The attic, where the "servants" lived, that took care of a prominent Dr in town, needs to be completely finished. Possible 3 more rooms or one large apartment for the kids as they graduate etc...So the price of this house is a little more than what we would like, being's as there would be a lot to fix-up...The removal of a non-functional pool will be costly...So we are not "in love" with the house but we could be if we had the moo la to make it "ours". The hub will have about an hour and half (plus some days) drive to and from work if we move. How can I make him do that...? I have been away from home for over five years, and think what is 3 more until he retires...and can we afford all that driving? UGH!

Anyway, my days of being spontaneous are over...I have to think, weigh, and contemplate everything lately...even as minor as a vacuum sweeper purchase...Not so much the cost, just getting the right one etc...I over think everything!!! Have you changed in that regard? Have you become the over thinker or the more "just do it" kinda gal (or guy)?

Well, adios and have a great rest of the week!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Love this guy

As usual, I look at all these other cute blogs and get wrapped up into asking myself, What is the function of my blog? I don't do "giveaways"...I don't craft enough to post my marvelous projects...let alone instructions as most of the time I get them done by the seat of my pants...Let's not forget the fabulous recipes and gardening and glorious photo's of such. And here I am thinking wow, I just rant, vent, complain and grieve here! Hmmm... "What is your Major Malfunction?"


So for now, I will leave all the talent and know hows to others and just continue to pointlessly blog...So if you want to read about someone elses issues... And possibly take absolutely nothing away from it...I'm your gal...and that blog. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recap of week

Whew! What a week! Anyone have a crazy week...ok, silly question, I probably already know the answer...If you are alive and breathing, at some point I'm sure there was a little crazy going on. 

So we barely, I mean barely made it until payday this week! I so hate weeks like that! Being military, we only get paid twice a month, so everything comes out the first and fifteenth of the month. I should be used to this, as this has been my life the last five years, but I still sometimes get down to the last penny by the 12th or 13th...This part-time job I took on has helped, as well as a few checks here and there from the hubs business...but with school starting and a mini-vaca, I was in a bit of panic. Gosh I get this wild hairs and think I'm going to be this money saving, penny pinching, domestic goddess and make everything, cook everything and have lots of money left over for savings or whatever...Like today, I went to the store and thought I would buy everything I would need to make my own laundry soap..well, with the sale they had on Tide, and my two coupons, I ended up caving and buying the real stuff...Does anyone else ever do this?? 

Okay, and here is my other thing, I tried to avoid hurting some family member's' feelings and didn't tell my own dad about an incident that involved my nephew and it bit me in the ass today. Here is a man I can go to for anything, but didn't want to make waves or put anymore pressure on him nor hurt my step-sister and BAMMO...it all came out today, and I'm miles away to take care of in person...needless to say, I haven't yet talked to anyone other than my other step-sister...what a stinking mess! When it comes to my father, I don't say anything that might worry or upset him because he has so much on his plate...but now that act of thinking may have really upset him more...UGH! So my one step-sister who is part of this, is upset as well...but I really didn't want to point my finger and accuse her son of something. Rather just let it go, for sake of the family...So that's my drama...There are times I feel like I'd rather take my husband and kids and just find a cave and be hermits...Okay, so that is unrealistic...but it has crossed my mind!

Well, enough of my rambling. I pray everyone has a great, stress free week and has much success in whatever you do.

Friday, August 12, 2011

For The Moment

Picture perfect day....didn't expect much different...

Yep, this is me

Monday, August 8, 2011


My kids swear we have a ghost in our house...I have to admit, I get some pretty eerie feelings at times...Enough to make me wonder "What If" there really is something or someone in our home! I have heard lots of unexplained noises and even seen images out of the corner of my eyes...even more convincing, a couple of unexplained missing spoons...Yes spoons. Crazy story and joke my mom and i have always shared...Years ago, before my first husband and I were even divorced, we could never keep or find spoons! My mom would come over and we would have dozens of forks and butter knives, but no spoons! So, she went through her silverware and brought me over a baggie of spoons...sooner or later, those would be gone...vanished! So, she would hit garage sales and bring more spoons...So that was a long running joke with us. Now, years later, I am experiencing the SAME thing...call me crazy, I don't know, but this whole missing spoon epidemic is back! So it is leading me to wonder, is it mom, being the jokester she was continuing this disappearing act?

Where oh where do you go?

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you or looking over your shoulder? Ever get that unexplained shiver? I'm not sure what to think or believe but I do know there is some crazy things that has happened around here!

So do you have any thoughts or stories to share? Any photos that have images in them? Just curious as to what anyone else has experienced!

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