Monday, August 8, 2011


My kids swear we have a ghost in our house...I have to admit, I get some pretty eerie feelings at times...Enough to make me wonder "What If" there really is something or someone in our home! I have heard lots of unexplained noises and even seen images out of the corner of my eyes...even more convincing, a couple of unexplained missing spoons...Yes spoons. Crazy story and joke my mom and i have always shared...Years ago, before my first husband and I were even divorced, we could never keep or find spoons! My mom would come over and we would have dozens of forks and butter knives, but no spoons! So, she went through her silverware and brought me over a baggie of spoons...sooner or later, those would be gone...vanished! So, she would hit garage sales and bring more spoons...So that was a long running joke with us. Now, years later, I am experiencing the SAME me crazy, I don't know, but this whole missing spoon epidemic is back! So it is leading me to wonder, is it mom, being the jokester she was continuing this disappearing act?

Where oh where do you go?

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you or looking over your shoulder? Ever get that unexplained shiver? I'm not sure what to think or believe but I do know there is some crazy things that has happened around here!

So do you have any thoughts or stories to share? Any photos that have images in them? Just curious as to what anyone else has experienced!


  1. Maybe it is your mom? Wonder what she does with the spoons...I don't even want to think about it! haha. Or maybe, you got the ghost in your divorce settlement...of course, since it is a ghost the writing about who received it in the divorce wouldn't be visible in the divorce decree...ugh. Or maybe, just maybe, you have borrowers...have you ever heard of those books? I read those first when I was in school..can't remember how old I was...then I have read them again and again...the last time being about a year and a half ago. Such wonderful books...not sure what they would do with all the spoons either...but? Who knows...they are pretty creative! Haha. Gotta start getting more used to using knifes and forks I guess... Maybe they are with all the socks, watches, and other things I have lost... One day we are going to run into all of our stuff and will we be surprised! ha
    Hugs to ya.

  2. Too funny Cherie! Well, if I got the ghosts, that would have been just about all...LOL It very well could be mom...I sometimes I took care of two of my grandparents that passed I asked them both to find a way to tell me they are ok...and mom, her last words to my husband were "oh, I'll let you know I'm around..." And as ornery as she was in life, I have a very good feeling she will do the same in death...Just all this uncertainty gets to me...makes my questions and gives me feeling of uncertainty even more...AHHHHH! :D

    Some day we will find those socks, spoons and for now, I shall eat with a works on ice cream...and thats all that matters...hehehe


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