Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 I have been pretty sick the last few days...And I am a big baby! I just don't do well...I'm whinny, get bored and just don't like feeling blahh and achy! Who does, right...But between dozing in and out, I was able to read quite a few blogs. OMG! There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there. I've had a few good laughs, shed a couple tears and learned a few things too! I commented and followed so many and am looking forward to check in on those blogs often. One blog in particular I spent a lot of time at is Becoming A Strong Woman of God. So uplifting and gets you thinking. It is requested we have a list of a 1000 things we are thankful for...writing 22 a day...I thought, I can do that! So below is my 22 things I'm grateful for. If you get a chance, head over and read about it at Thankful Thursday!

My biggest dilemma about doing this is, do I start at 1000 and count down, or start at 1, being most thankful for... Oh boy...okay, starting at 1, being most thankful and work to 1000. So this is going to be my Thursday posts! YAY!

1. It's a gimme...The Good Lord and all His blessings, forgiveness and life
2. My boys
3. My husband...especially since I have been sick
4. Our good health, because without it, we would have nothing
5. My family 
6. My friends 
7. Living in Indiana (if your military you understand :))
8. My dog Trip 
9. Wisdom I have listened to
10. Wisdom I should have listened to
11. For my name and it's special meaning
12. Generations of memories from family
13. Our Freedom 
14. My job (even tho it's just a few hours a week)
15. My community 
16. My van 
17. Awkward teenage moments 
18. America
19. Military
20. The little kids that ring my door bell off just to say HI :D
21. Colors 
22. Modern Medicine and old remedies

Writing this, there is no particular order...I was so worried one thing would look more "important" or not as thankful for...But as I listed, I just put what popped up. So no pressure on any particular order!! Just go with it...have fun and smile as you see what you really have to be thankful for...


  1. You are SO cute and SO glad to meet you. I read your post last week and I had not had a chance to head over and say HI. Do you have a Facebook page? I could love to connect with you there. Thanks for linking up and your list is wonderful. There is something about bringing our gifts that the Lord gives on to paper that we can really see that He is around us every sec!! Blessings to you girl

  2. Hi Sonya! I do have a Facebook :D Thanks for your sweet comments!!! Not sure how to put my FB link here...have been wanting to work on that ;) I think you can search me...will look for you. Do you have a link? Hope that works ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :) Health is such an important thing to be thankful for. Baby C and I were very sick just 3 weeks after she was born. We could have lost her. The good Lord healed us both completely and I will no longer complain when I have a cold. Because now I know it could be so much worse.

  4. Your very welcome! Bless your hearts! Glad you both got well! That is soooo scary!!! She is way too adorable to not feel good...

  5. I am so sorry you have been sick! It seems everyone is getting a head start on the flu season. I really like this meme idea! I think I might join you!

    I'm here, leaving you a comment from Five Genuine Comments on MBS.
    I'm also following.

  6. Hey- do you have a html code so i can grab your thankful thursday button?

  7. Hi there Volcano! In my blog is the link for that particular Thankful Thursday...That's where you can grab it... Email me though if you have any issues or questions :D That's my new Thursday challenge ;)



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