Monday, September 19, 2011

Saling, takes me away...

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a fan of garage/yard sales...Now my sister on the hand could spend everyday going to yard sales! I can't have them at all...I'm not really sure why...I would rather take everything I don't want to Goodwill...I have to say, I'm not even really a shopper...I really have to be in the mood...So when our housing addition had their annual community sale, I thought what the heck...I spent four hours going house to house checking everything out...I only had $7 cash on me so I thought when that was gone...I'd go home. Well, the third house I ended up at, had a beautiful McCoy vase! The gal selling said she would give me a good deal...that the $40.00 on it could be negotiated. I said I needed to think about on to the next one I went...pondering this vase...It was so lovely...well, I ended up going to the ATM and pulling $60.00 out...and went right to that sale with the vase...even *if* it was $40. it was a steal because it is a rare piece. Well, after talking to her, she had a pottery book she sold  me and a few other things. I ended up getting this cool magazine rack, book, vase, old pink lovely casserole dish, a tin for my sis and a linen table runner...all for $35! OH NO! I was in the mood to shop! LOL Off I went to a few others, finding a McCoy casserole dish in my brown drip pattern...a cool shelf...a 1940's Kraft cheese wooden box...a few other things (clothes for kids)...and came home with $5.00 left...LOL

So in my adventures, the hub excited for me and proud of my bargain shopping...and I have to admit, FUN!! The tin and washboard are for my sister :D
I guess it is kind of good I don't get in the mood too often...LOL May break the bank!


  1. Hi there, stopping by from MBS...just join your community on BlogFrog and am enjoying this post. Great bargain, and now I feel like shopping myself :)...on my way to Alexa for a review, would be happy if you could visit me too on ...lovely blog!

  2. Jane,
    I knew we were kindred spirits!!! I am the same way...have to be in the mood to shop...not much of a looker...I do love a great deal tho...just don't like to shop often to look for one. Your deals sound awesome. Good for you.
    Love ya lots.

  3. Wow! You did awesome on that McCoy vase. I never find deals like that. My sister is a garage sale freak too. I don't go often myself. But, maybe I should.

  4. Cherie...we so are ;) Thanks! Maybe that you are closer now, next summer we can meet up and antique shop...I know you like antiques...well, you have to, b/c I do...LOL :D Love ya and hugs!

    MBS, thanks for stopping by! Maybe you will get in the mood and come across the perfect, can't live without, item :D


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