Friday, April 22, 2011


I seen this amazing video on FOX News this morning and just had to share! What a great way to start the day and feel the Spirit! There are no other words I could share...

Have a Blessed Good Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jell-O Legs

I can't feel my legs!! Okay, I don't mean to boast, but I went to the gym today...Walked a whole one mile on the treadmill! Only took me 23 minutes too at 1.8 mph! I tried to get it up to 2.5 but the thing kept adjusting on its own to slow down saying "heart rate too high"! I hadn't done really any exercise to speak of for months! I was all excited because the hubby did his PT while I walked...Then I was let down because the base will be shut down (except Mission Essential, hubby works) for the weekend! Was actually getting motivated! I will probably be so sore I will need three days to recoup anyway...LOL

So who has been watching the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC? I really think I could get into that! Gosh it looks like fun! Not sure I could be as good as some of those enthusiasts are but it would be worth a shot...start out slow...So I spent about three hours this morning looking over coupon websites and the TLC website...Can't start this month, but maybe next month I can try a few tips! Anyone have any experiences?

Think I'm slowly getting back to myself. Everyday gets a little better, then of course there are set backs or two...just have to keep going. Pulling up my boot straps is kinda tuff when some days you can't find them :D

Happy Blessed Easter everyone! I hope to post tonight or tomorrow with some inspirational scriptures and thoughts that have really helped me feel the Spirit at this Holy time.

Have a good evening and happy reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Idea

Well, Blogging sure did seem like a good idea at the time I started...What better creative outlet, vent forum, mental escape, stand-up comedy know, enrich someones life, solve all life's issues... all those goals, ambitions! And yet, here I am, going weeks without posting! I desire to post, I want to make a difference...a mark on the World Wide Web! Sometimes I just feel so inadiquite...I see all these cool blogs and end up spending more time link after link checking out others' interesting, comical and inspirational blogs! Like today, a friend posted this cool link on her Facebook and I was trapped! She also has a fabulous website and I will say it did inspire me to get busy in a lot of area's in my life! I will post links at the end so you too can enjoy :D

Also, my husband's friend posted on her Facebook wall a very inspirational thought : "Awesome church service....after weeks of seemingly amazing services, I have to wonder if the services were any more spectacular than normal or if my heart is just in a place where it can finally hear a little more clearly"  I have to say, that touched my heart when he shared that. I don't know the gal, per say, just by his stories of childhood, but felt like I knew her as I had the same thoughts after our service Sunday evening...Sadly, we didn't make it to morning services...oh we had good intentions...but the adversary had other, instigate mom so she snaps! I woke up to my 13 year old and 9 year old having a pillow fight...oh it started out as an innocent pillow fight, but turned into a feathery death match...ending in 9 year old crying and 13 year old mad because 9 year is acting "like hes 2" that in turn makes 9 year old more upset! You know the saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", well that applied to our home Sunday morning...So, Sunday after dropping boy's off to dad, hubby and I went to evening services...Much needed, reality check service...
I should also add that my patience were already thin from icing my jaw throughout the night from a tooth having to be surgically extracted last Monday...(stitches finally fell out today) Need to add a foot note, my oral surgeon does not believe in pain meds..."Take 4 Advil and two Tylenol, it's the same as a Rx but no side effects"...umm excuse me...I have a hole in my stomach now from ODing on Advil (not really, but wouldn't be surprised!!)

In summary: 
Blog- good idea but not much dedication lately
Sunday morning Church- good idea but not much sanity nor composure

As promised, here are a couple of links that grabbed my attention today

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time keeps slipping...slipping away

Yes, the title is a song...and my song for the year so far. I know I am not alone when I say where has the year gone so far! Gosh I wish I would have listened to my grandparents. They were so wise and spoke from experience. Now I am sharing that passed on wisdom and advice I didn't heed, to my own children. I know they want to figure things out on their own just like I did as an adolescent...I suppose that is only natural. What do you think about quality verses quantity? Well, being the selfish person I am, I want both with those I love. It isn't possible at times with activities, meetings and the dreaded shared parenting time...I shouldn't say boys absolutely love both their father and I and our shared times. They want to be with mama more...although sometimes I feel like its only because I am more of a push-over and I listen to their every complaint. I am blessed though that my boys do come to me over their dad. I guess moms are easier to talk to. We have more patience and are generally more sympathetic. Boys cherish their mothers and I am blessed to have the most amazing boys.

So story time. My 13 year old calls me the other night crying and scared. He is my neurotic one and tends to think he has every ailment around. As his mother I feel responsible for this as at one time I was not so calm and laid back about every cold...flu...any sickness I was sure I was dying...I will thank my grandmother for this one (smiling big for you grandma G). Anyway, Noah calls completely freaked out because he just knows he has an STD...He seen a commercial for STD symptoms and he "has" everyone of them...So I said, Noah, you haven't had sex have you? He replies with a "ewww, no mom." I say "well, why do you think you have an STD?" He replies he kissed a girl after school after he walked her home (he even carried her book bag). I asked if he Frenched kissed her and again got an ewww. Trying not to giggle I assured him he did not have an STD and the only way you can get that is by having sex. And being a mom, I had to slip in that usually it's because they aren't married and when you have sex before you are married that kind of thing can sometimes happen. So I continue with the whole wait for sex thing and its so know how we do. He assured me he was waiting because he didn't want to have an STD and be like those people on the commercial. Ok, so I'm not a fan of scare tactics but this one I may make an exception for. Talked to Noah last night and this morning and he is better. He said he will kiss this girl again but maybe just the cheek. I told him that it was ok to kiss on the cheek or hold hands. I just love being a mama!

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