Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's still Thursday if your still up, right? Wow what a day...let me rephrase that...Holy cow, what a crazy colossal week!!!! Oh well...Try to be thankful... Ok, I can do that...may have to list at another thankful are soaking in my heart right now....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Staying with my Thankful Thursday commitment...Below is my 22 since last Thursday. If you want to join in, go ahead and click RIGHT HERE! Thanks for stopping by and have a great and thankful Thursday!

23) My son spending some special time visiting the last few days

24) The SUN today

25) The girls at work for pulling my weight when I was sick

26) The sweet book Josh got me reminding him of times I would sing to him

27) Sweaters :*)

28) Goes without saying but ALWAYS Thankful for GOD

29) The hub

30) The kiddo's

31) Fun Fall activities

32) DAV (Disabled American Vets)

34) Thankful for eye openers

35) I know it sounds crazy, but my plants...if you knew the ratio of dead to living plants in my adult life, you'd be thankful my thumb is greener...LOL

36) My pink bathroom for the memory behind the pink :D

37) The kindness of strangers

38) My Aunts pumpkin farm

39) Lessons from the past that I can apply today

40) Thankful that Am normal compared to some that are on Peoples Court  :*)

41) My neighbors

42) Thankful for being able to be at the boys' swim lessons

43) Pure love

44) Memories from my cluttered refrigerator

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well, the last two days have been hectic...Good, but hectic...

Last night was date night...and tonight was my out of town day... 

So, even though I haven't had a chance to really blog...I have been thinking about what I would blog about when I could get some uninterrupted time! 

Until then, happy blogging, and happy reading :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm so excited!! Check it out at Mom Blog Society!! Take a look around too! Great bloggers and awesome gals!!! Get your coffee, soda, tea, water...Or beverage of choice ((wink, wink)) and enjoy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 I have been pretty sick the last few days...And I am a big baby! I just don't do well...I'm whinny, get bored and just don't like feeling blahh and achy! Who does, right...But between dozing in and out, I was able to read quite a few blogs. OMG! There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there. I've had a few good laughs, shed a couple tears and learned a few things too! I commented and followed so many and am looking forward to check in on those blogs often. One blog in particular I spent a lot of time at is Becoming A Strong Woman of God. So uplifting and gets you thinking. It is requested we have a list of a 1000 things we are thankful for...writing 22 a day...I thought, I can do that! So below is my 22 things I'm grateful for. If you get a chance, head over and read about it at Thankful Thursday!

My biggest dilemma about doing this is, do I start at 1000 and count down, or start at 1, being most thankful for... Oh boy...okay, starting at 1, being most thankful and work to 1000. So this is going to be my Thursday posts! YAY!

1. It's a gimme...The Good Lord and all His blessings, forgiveness and life
2. My boys
3. My husband...especially since I have been sick
4. Our good health, because without it, we would have nothing
5. My family 
6. My friends 
7. Living in Indiana (if your military you understand :))
8. My dog Trip 
9. Wisdom I have listened to
10. Wisdom I should have listened to
11. For my name and it's special meaning
12. Generations of memories from family
13. Our Freedom 
14. My job (even tho it's just a few hours a week)
15. My community 
16. My van 
17. Awkward teenage moments 
18. America
19. Military
20. The little kids that ring my door bell off just to say HI :D
21. Colors 
22. Modern Medicine and old remedies

Writing this, there is no particular order...I was so worried one thing would look more "important" or not as thankful for...But as I listed, I just put what popped up. So no pressure on any particular order!! Just go with it...have fun and smile as you see what you really have to be thankful for...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saling, takes me away...

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a fan of garage/yard sales...Now my sister on the hand could spend everyday going to yard sales! I can't have them at all...I'm not really sure why...I would rather take everything I don't want to Goodwill...I have to say, I'm not even really a shopper...I really have to be in the mood...So when our housing addition had their annual community sale, I thought what the heck...I spent four hours going house to house checking everything out...I only had $7 cash on me so I thought when that was gone...I'd go home. Well, the third house I ended up at, had a beautiful McCoy vase! The gal selling said she would give me a good deal...that the $40.00 on it could be negotiated. I said I needed to think about on to the next one I went...pondering this vase...It was so lovely...well, I ended up going to the ATM and pulling $60.00 out...and went right to that sale with the vase...even *if* it was $40. it was a steal because it is a rare piece. Well, after talking to her, she had a pottery book she sold  me and a few other things. I ended up getting this cool magazine rack, book, vase, old pink lovely casserole dish, a tin for my sis and a linen table runner...all for $35! OH NO! I was in the mood to shop! LOL Off I went to a few others, finding a McCoy casserole dish in my brown drip pattern...a cool shelf...a 1940's Kraft cheese wooden box...a few other things (clothes for kids)...and came home with $5.00 left...LOL

So in my adventures, the hub excited for me and proud of my bargain shopping...and I have to admit, FUN!! The tin and washboard are for my sister :D
I guess it is kind of good I don't get in the mood too often...LOL May break the bank!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Baby Why

Why oh why can't I get the thought of having a baby out of my head? I mean what can I do about tubes have been cut and cauterized...I even went so far as getting a laparoscopy to see if all my girl parts were still in good shape to get them "put back together". Everything looked scheduled surgery to reverse my tubal. Well, the morning of my operation I chickened out! I also had the "guilt's"...and "what ifs". Here I had four amazing, healthy boys...what if something would it make them feel...All these *feelings* I couldn't get a hold of...How fair is it to go through with something that I was feeling selfish for doing...So here is where I am...CONSTANTLY thinking back to the day I could have had a chance to be a *mommy* again...I'm blessed to be a mom, but to bring a child into the world with the love of my life and have that opportunity to nurse again, go through all those fun stages, teaching moments...Then I start feeling bad again...some women will never experience that at all...why must I hold on to having a baby. 

So guess what I did all afternoon? Read on IVF! Insurance won't pay for any of it...and like I said, I have four other boys and my husband has two girls. My boys' father and I brought our boys into this world with love but we were not *in love*...Actually I didn't really know how to love a man until I met my husband...nor until I met him have I been able to receive love. It is just so different and I want to experience having, making a baby IN LOVE! 

Now, after writing this I feel a tad selfish...I am almost 39! When will this need pass? It's not a void I'm trying to fill...How oh how do I get passed this?


I spent so much time searching and configuring my blog, I didn't really have the time to blog :D

If you know anything about me at all...LOL I am forever trying out different blog designs, backgrounds, etc... 
So in an attempt to bring in fall a wee early...beings as it is only going to be 60' tomorrow...I decided to try a different color/theme...Kinda like Indiana old saying "If you don't like the weather stick around it'll change" Could be for your state as well...or your blog for that matter...LOL 

At any rate, stick around and stay tuned :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just some thoughts on what I have learned the last few days...

Sometimes no matter what you do it is never good enough

I really admire and appreciate my husband

My boys are so more resilient than I ever imagined

The Good Lord really does want us to hand over our troubles to Him 

I'm really not as young and spry as I thought I was

I have a LOT more thoughts, but maybe here isn't exactly the best place for my revelations...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green Eyed Monster

Alright, I can't be the only one who gets CrAzY jEaLoUs... I was thinking today and laughing, but it really isn't funny...I may be a narcissistic, jealous, control freak! Okay, so maybe not "that" bad, but I would say, at times, I get that "it's all about me" feeling...and of course have to have everything in the palm of my hand. It's not even about money, or what I want/don't's more personal than monetary. I didn't used to be so obsessed as I am today. A few years ago, I went to my mother with this issue...well, it wasn't as extreme...and she assured me it would get better and the older I got, the less I would basically give a crap...Then of course did the mom thing and did say IT was all about me...hehehe. Miss you mama!! Could use a good old mom reality check...

So thinking it is going to be up to me to get past these particular recent revelations, I thought I would share what I love about the hub. It only allowed for 10 things, but I could have easily done 100. When you reflect on "why" and "how" you love your mate, it puts the negative on the back burner. So in the course of writing the list, my heart softened a little more and put my own self pity on the back burner.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Figure Out

I am trying to figure out how to put links I love on my blog...I want to add a separate page for cool websites or blogs...I guess I need to read more...Google to the rescue...LOL 

I have a couple things I want to blog about, but I wanted to post this Cool site 
I found last night...Read the "All Apologies" post then found a few other I enjoyed on his blog.  

Well, BUSY day have to get motivated...Post more later.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Well, I spent much of the morning in bed...Yep, I was lazy! I didn't get up until 10 am, and that was only because I had to go potty :D The rest of the day...and it is now 4 pm now mind you, I have spent sprucing up my blog and helping the hub spruce up his...If your so inclined, go check his out...let me know what you think...

So at some point during the day, I made frozen pizzas for us...Not so yummy. Got the Totino's Pizza's because they were on sale, plus had coupon, so basically got six pizzas for less than $2.00. I even tried sprucing them up a bit by adding some left over hamburger and some extra cheese...No such luck...So the hub ended up eating what I didn't...Now my tummy is grumbling...And all I can think about is Chocolate...and for some crazy reason, as a kid, I never really cared for chocolate...But boy am I EVER making up for it! Ohhhh My!!!One of my Facebook Pals is doing the Lindt Chocolatier Home Partys...Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind! Hmmm...But where oh where would I find the time...or should I say budget for new clothes as I would surely eat any profits...hehehehe

Well, better be productive...and if you get a chance...check out the blogs and give your reviews! Have a rip roaring, fantabulous Monday...Okay, that was extreme...Enjoy your day :D

Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, I made a special trip to get the two bags of stone, thinking that would be enough for the small mat...Sadly, it wasn't going to be enough...So, Noah had a great idea...write COX with the dark stone, then get the clear or lighter stone to fill it in...Thought that would be neat and went with it! Hey, I was just happy my 14 year old was spending time sitting at the table, interacting and being so sweet. Here is a pic so far...

Jean Day


Ahhh jeans! I haven't wore them in months! I really wasn't thinking about putting them on when I stepped into the shower this morning...But that quickly changed with the decision not to shave my legs! UGH! There are times I just don't feel like shaving...and I have to admit, in the winter, I forgo doing so sometimes. Okay, well enough about hairy legs...Hahaha 

The last couple of evenings, I have been checking out some pretty awesome blogs! One, has a CUTE pebble mat craft I am so going to try this weekend! The link is if you might feel a bit crafty this weekend...Looks super simple without much time or cost. Will post pics when done...I still haven't started the rag quilts I wanted to make for each of the boys...its okay will happen.

Well, I have to hit the road here in a couple of hours, so I better get my stuff around to get mailed and have time to stop at the Dollar Tree for those pebbles! 

Enjoy your FRIDAY!!! Woot!

New and Improved!!!

Here lately, I have gone to some blogs that have links to their "New and Improved" sites... Is it because they like wordpress or blogger more or less or another blog spot....Hmmm...just curious! I want to be new and improved!!!! But, I'll stay right where I am...I don't have the energy to change it up...LOL

Well, off to take the hub lunch...have a Grrrrreat post to come...The wheels are turning ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!!


I was just getting ready to go to bed, when it hit me...without appearing like Hobby Lobby, that has their Christmas stuff out all ready...I want two trees for Christmas! Okay, the kids can have their tree with all their collections and mama should have a white tree with hot pink accents...Or a hot pink tree with silver and white accents....Something to think about....

Pretty  and  PINK

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


What a lucky, lucky girl I am...I have been blessed with a second chance at love, while experiencing a new community and new friends...But now I wanna go home! I can't say it has been all that bad just isn't home...Still in Indiana, yes, but not where I grew up...where family and friends are. So, being the wonderful man he is, my husband is willing to do some sacrificing for me. ((Not that he never has...this is just way big!)) So we looked at a house in town Monday...Loved it! Kinda small...needs some updating...but is my favorite architectural style, Colonial/Victorian. The attic, where the "servants" lived, that took care of a prominent Dr in town, needs to be completely finished. Possible 3 more rooms or one large apartment for the kids as they graduate etc...So the price of this house is a little more than what we would like, being's as there would be a lot to fix-up...The removal of a non-functional pool will be costly...So we are not "in love" with the house but we could be if we had the moo la to make it "ours". The hub will have about an hour and half (plus some days) drive to and from work if we move. How can I make him do that...? I have been away from home for over five years, and think what is 3 more until he retires...and can we afford all that driving? UGH!

Anyway, my days of being spontaneous are over...I have to think, weigh, and contemplate everything lately...even as minor as a vacuum sweeper purchase...Not so much the cost, just getting the right one etc...I over think everything!!! Have you changed in that regard? Have you become the over thinker or the more "just do it" kinda gal (or guy)?

Well, adios and have a great rest of the week!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Love this guy

As usual, I look at all these other cute blogs and get wrapped up into asking myself, What is the function of my blog? I don't do "giveaways"...I don't craft enough to post my marvelous projects...let alone instructions as most of the time I get them done by the seat of my pants...Let's not forget the fabulous recipes and gardening and glorious photo's of such. And here I am thinking wow, I just rant, vent, complain and grieve here! Hmmm... "What is your Major Malfunction?"


So for now, I will leave all the talent and know hows to others and just continue to pointlessly blog...So if you want to read about someone elses issues... And possibly take absolutely nothing away from it...I'm your gal...and that blog. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recap of week

Whew! What a week! Anyone have a crazy week...ok, silly question, I probably already know the answer...If you are alive and breathing, at some point I'm sure there was a little crazy going on. 

So we barely, I mean barely made it until payday this week! I so hate weeks like that! Being military, we only get paid twice a month, so everything comes out the first and fifteenth of the month. I should be used to this, as this has been my life the last five years, but I still sometimes get down to the last penny by the 12th or 13th...This part-time job I took on has helped, as well as a few checks here and there from the hubs business...but with school starting and a mini-vaca, I was in a bit of panic. Gosh I get this wild hairs and think I'm going to be this money saving, penny pinching, domestic goddess and make everything, cook everything and have lots of money left over for savings or whatever...Like today, I went to the store and thought I would buy everything I would need to make my own laundry soap..well, with the sale they had on Tide, and my two coupons, I ended up caving and buying the real stuff...Does anyone else ever do this?? 

Okay, and here is my other thing, I tried to avoid hurting some family member's' feelings and didn't tell my own dad about an incident that involved my nephew and it bit me in the ass today. Here is a man I can go to for anything, but didn't want to make waves or put anymore pressure on him nor hurt my step-sister and all came out today, and I'm miles away to take care of in person...needless to say, I haven't yet talked to anyone other than my other step-sister...what a stinking mess! When it comes to my father, I don't say anything that might worry or upset him because he has so much on his plate...but now that act of thinking may have really upset him more...UGH! So my one step-sister who is part of this, is upset as well...but I really didn't want to point my finger and accuse her son of something. Rather just let it go, for sake of the family...So that's my drama...There are times I feel like I'd rather take my husband and kids and just find a cave and be hermits...Okay, so that is unrealistic...but it has crossed my mind!

Well, enough of my rambling. I pray everyone has a great, stress free week and has much success in whatever you do.

Friday, August 12, 2011

For The Moment

Picture perfect day....didn't expect much different...

Yep, this is me

Monday, August 8, 2011


My kids swear we have a ghost in our house...I have to admit, I get some pretty eerie feelings at times...Enough to make me wonder "What If" there really is something or someone in our home! I have heard lots of unexplained noises and even seen images out of the corner of my eyes...even more convincing, a couple of unexplained missing spoons...Yes spoons. Crazy story and joke my mom and i have always shared...Years ago, before my first husband and I were even divorced, we could never keep or find spoons! My mom would come over and we would have dozens of forks and butter knives, but no spoons! So, she went through her silverware and brought me over a baggie of spoons...sooner or later, those would be gone...vanished! So, she would hit garage sales and bring more spoons...So that was a long running joke with us. Now, years later, I am experiencing the SAME me crazy, I don't know, but this whole missing spoon epidemic is back! So it is leading me to wonder, is it mom, being the jokester she was continuing this disappearing act?

Where oh where do you go?

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you or looking over your shoulder? Ever get that unexplained shiver? I'm not sure what to think or believe but I do know there is some crazy things that has happened around here!

So do you have any thoughts or stories to share? Any photos that have images in them? Just curious as to what anyone else has experienced!

My XANGO: Crime of the Mind Matrix

My XANGO: Crime of the Mind Matrix: "What has our world come to when people think they are only as good as their education, circumstances, and the government is to blame for th..."

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sew and So

Okay, so, I got all inspired by this website the other day... 
I thought it would be neat to have one of these totes. Looked easy enough.
So I was telling the hub that I wanted to get my moms machine out and start sewing...oh my! That was an adventure in itself! This sucker, a NELCO  SZ-217 is heavy and vintage! It was a workout cleaning this thing, moving it around, wiping and dusting it down. Mom gave it to me about a year before she died and it has pretty much sat in its case. When I would borrow it before that, she often would have to come over and thread the darn thing! Usually resulting in her sewing what I started. :D And the bobbin...don't ask...I could never get it! Of course she made it look so easy, everything just seemed to glide together from threading to sewing, she made it look so simple! She was a natural! In great desperation, I searched for this machine online as it had no manual and I didn't think I  would even be able the thread it! I found one website (of very few) that had a little information on this machine. Of course it was characterized as "vintage" but a beast! I found this website to be really cool as well Her post on this machine made me chuckle as I could relate, having this same machine.

So I got this wild hair thinking I was going to sew up a storm! So by a miracle I got it threaded! And you can imagine my excitement and relief that there was thread on the bobbin! I was READY! Hmmm...was missing one thing...MATERIAL! So I practiced on a paper towel. So as I was expressing my frustration to the hub, he offered one of his old BDU uniforms. I was pretty excited as I have seen a few websites where people make these cute bags etc.. and sell them...customized and just so cute! So I had to find something for the lining...thought of a cute patterned tee shirt but nothing was floating my boat. Hohumm, had to wait til I could go to Hobby Lobby the next morning...where I found some cute clearance material...being my first "real" project, didn't want to invest a whole lot.

Ok, all set, threaded, material and my moms two big sewing boxes, chock full of sewing notions. Practice pieces ready! Here we go!

Big let down...needle kept cutting its own thread, stitches were loopy and my bobbin was almost out of thread! Guess all those knobs mean something! What are all these knobs and buttons supposed to be set at?? So in frustration I posted pics of this machine in hopes that my talented and sew "techies" could help...of course my aunt and cousin were very helpful! But nothing was, before the urge left me, I pulled out my Lil Sew-n-Sew the hub got me for Christmas

Well, my sewing adventure was finally coming together. Three days to do a two hour project...LOL But it's done, none the less and not too shabby for my first real project! Thanks to the hub for helping me with a confusing part, but it all came together.

Here is the short story, in pictures.

What do these do??

Dial in some smarts, cause I'm not gettin it

The Beast!

Noah being silly modeling my creation!

My lil' Sew-n-Sew...tiny but does the job!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been wanting to blog the last few days...mainly about my "woe is me's" but I have gotten hooked on reading about Nelson McCoy Pottery. See, I inherited my mothers collection of McCoy planters and a few vases and table deco. She wanted me to take them before she died, but I left them on the shelves so she could still see and enjoy them. That was her collection...among many...but her favorite by far. So for months after she passed I still hadn't gotten them...Then one day I decided I was ready. So on one of my weekly visits, I stopped at "moms" and went ahead and packed them up...All sixteen McCoy treasures. I brought them home and washed them all up and designated a whole shelf in my large cabinet. For awhile I would just look at them and wonder what exactly I should do with them...My sister nor my brother had any interest in them so I didn't need to share (even though I would). So the other day I stopped at an antique shop and my eyes instantly drew to the McCoy items...Mercy! I think I can finally come to appreciate my mothers collection and am now fully hooked! So, the last few days, instead of grumbling, I have Etsy'd, eBay'd and searched for McCoy! In fact I just purchased my first official McCoy wall hanging...with many in my "watch" list! I have a crazy feeling my kids will now, someday not only inherit my mothers collection, but mine as well.

I'm sure most know what McCoy Pottery is, but until yesterday I didn't know the history behind the Company. In fact, I am still learning...I'm like that, I have to have the history to back something up. So hopefully in the coming weeks, I can bore you with a summary of the pottery company.I am also going to take pictures of my collection so you can see why I would be crazy~gaga over something so beautiful! 

I used to collect old metal matchbox I was searching the antique shops, I was getting that "need to start again" feeling...Hmmm...we shall see!

 Here is what I am eyeballing right now...must...have...dishes...

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, I did it...opened my big I'm feeling bad. Maybe not bad, but frustrated that 
A) I let my emotions get the best of me and 
B) Complained when I really should have let it roll off

So here is a letter I wrote about a local Culvers today...I THOUGHT it was going to corporate, but come to find out, after reading the "Thank you for contacting your local Culvers Owner" I went into OH CRAP mode! So of course she will know who I am! Not only will I go back there because I'm disappointed, but because she will absolutely HATE me!

So here is the letter I wrote thinking it was going to Corporate!

 Twice a week I go north of the state and pass through Wabash and at least once a week I would stop at Culvers and get a "treat". Most of the time it was a Concrete Mixer but on occasion I would get some "food". A few weeks ago, I went through drive-thru and was greeted rather poorly and pulled away vowing to never go to Culvers (at least this one) again. After talking to a few friends who live around and in Wabash,it seemed I was not the only one who has had poor experiences!!! In fact this same owner told a gentleman that had an issue with their rudeness that she owned the place and didn't answer to anyone! Well, tonight my husband and I were heading back home and I asked him if he would stop, a mixer sounded good. He was hesitant per the last experience but we went anyway...Let me tell you, I can GUARANTEE we will not be visiting Wabash Culvers no matter what frozen custard craving I may have. The OWNER of all people was extremely rude and short. She had no patience for my husband to decide what he wanted and he ended up not getting anything (lost sale). I regrettably ordered a Brownie Batter Mixer that was so runny and had very little brownie and so chocolaty I didn't even eat it...In the garbage it went! I requested vanilla custard and she acted like it was a huge ordeal. As we drove off, it seemed very chocolaty and I had my husband stop to run in and make sure it was vanilla...Let me tell you, biggest mistake! "The customer is always right" motto does not exist with her. She was so short and matter of fact and had no problem being down right rude. I asked if she owned this Culvers and she replied she did,and as I was walking out, I, unfortunately made a short comment that "everyone answers to someone..." well, she didn't hear and rudely yelled WHAT DID YOU SAY? So I repeated and walked out. She may not answer to anyone...and this complaint may go to the way side, but I will tell all my friends and family not to visit that Culvers. I will recommend as well as visit other establishments from here on out. We live in Indiana...Not New York or any other big city where it MIGHT be understandable to be snooty and rude... Thank you for your time and and hopefully a resolve in this matter. I think Culvers standards are a little more higher than allowing it's franchises to have a bad reputation...and independent owners that have no accountability! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, what a wild and crazy last few weeks! I have been getting up early and getting much accomplished...Not a morning person...YUCK...But I have lots to do and little time so its Go Go Go!!

I am so excited I got Joshua's Commencement announcements and his Graduation Party invitations done! YAY! They are so cute too...I mean cool...can't say anything remotely cute when it has to do with an 18 year old boy...LOL

Now, off to help a pal then Indy for an event...Neighbor is staying here and taking care of Trip and I am ever so grateful! 

Adding song that I am using on Josh's Graduation video I'm making!!! Happy Saturday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom, Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mom,

Hi there! Hope all is well with you! I am sure you are enjoying Julie Ann and all our friends and family. I'm sure you are rejoicing and prasising the Good Lord for all He has blessed our family with. It is amazing I made it through the second Mothers Day without you. I have to be happy you are free and healthy and happy.

It has been quite a month and only going to get crazier! Can you believe Josh went to Prom and now on his way to manhood, graduating in June. I get teared up thinking about my baby boy being a "grown up". I sometimes go into a panic I can't stand it. You would be a mess too! LOL He sure is special. He is getting a new car...well, old one...1967 Pontiac something or other. It's a boat! He is keeping the "Funion" of course. He will never get rid of the car his grandma Carter gave him. I sure wish it would have came with a case of money in the trunk...that car bleeds Shane and I dry! LOL

Wish you were here so I could call and talk to you. Not only has today been tough missing you, it's just kind of been pretty sucky. Josh had to work, so I didn't get to see him...The boys and Jamathan made the day special though. Flowers and a funny IHOP for dinner, my fave. It was good in that regard. I would just love to vent...share with my mom what is really going on...someone to tell all my secrets, pain and someone to put me in my place. Love me and share their wisdom. I am just so sick and tired of always being nice...always giving in...trying to make everyone happy...I know, pity party for me...and YES I want some cheese to go with that whine! 

 Well, sitting here wrighting you and listening to the Beatles. Black Bird is my tribute to you. What a song that I feel was written just for you. Actually I can't listen to any Beatles song without thinking of you and picking out something that reminds me of you. My newest favorite song is GET BACK. YouTube has a cool video of them playing it on a rooftop in London. Too bad Yoko had to break them up! Crazy lady! OH and get this, Paul is getting remarried! HA! I love him but isn't he a gluten for punishment! I love how you made music such a natural part of our lives. Memories in the sounds and words touch me and sometimes give me all kinds of mixed feelings! 

Gosh I love and miss you so much! Stacy and Steve are doing good I suppose. Steve is working all the time. I miss talking with him. He seems so detached lately. I was trying to give him time to has been rough on him...mainly his own doing. Stacy is laid off and so happy about that. She is enjoying being off with the boys. We had lunch Friday. She has her days and sometimes wonder if I am helping her enough. Since you have been gone, I don't know what my purpose is sometimes. You being "Bank of mom" and me taking care of the kids' emotional stuff just doesn't seem to the same...don't feel as needed by them anymore. That is hard. Kind of like my own kids growing out of that stage. 

Well mother, it's late and I have a big case tomorrow morning. YUCK! You know what a morning person I am and not thrilled I have to testify. I love what I do but it pulls at the heart. Besides, Jamathan is looking at me like I need to get some sleep. 

I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul. Tomorrow I am making a special page on here just for music for you. Thank you for being my mom and doing the best you ever could. I am okay....right?

Good night,
All my love,
Jane Marie

Friday, April 22, 2011


I seen this amazing video on FOX News this morning and just had to share! What a great way to start the day and feel the Spirit! There are no other words I could share...

Have a Blessed Good Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jell-O Legs

I can't feel my legs!! Okay, I don't mean to boast, but I went to the gym today...Walked a whole one mile on the treadmill! Only took me 23 minutes too at 1.8 mph! I tried to get it up to 2.5 but the thing kept adjusting on its own to slow down saying "heart rate too high"! I hadn't done really any exercise to speak of for months! I was all excited because the hubby did his PT while I walked...Then I was let down because the base will be shut down (except Mission Essential, hubby works) for the weekend! Was actually getting motivated! I will probably be so sore I will need three days to recoup anyway...LOL

So who has been watching the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC? I really think I could get into that! Gosh it looks like fun! Not sure I could be as good as some of those enthusiasts are but it would be worth a shot...start out slow...So I spent about three hours this morning looking over coupon websites and the TLC website...Can't start this month, but maybe next month I can try a few tips! Anyone have any experiences?

Think I'm slowly getting back to myself. Everyday gets a little better, then of course there are set backs or two...just have to keep going. Pulling up my boot straps is kinda tuff when some days you can't find them :D

Happy Blessed Easter everyone! I hope to post tonight or tomorrow with some inspirational scriptures and thoughts that have really helped me feel the Spirit at this Holy time.

Have a good evening and happy reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Idea

Well, Blogging sure did seem like a good idea at the time I started...What better creative outlet, vent forum, mental escape, stand-up comedy know, enrich someones life, solve all life's issues... all those goals, ambitions! And yet, here I am, going weeks without posting! I desire to post, I want to make a difference...a mark on the World Wide Web! Sometimes I just feel so inadiquite...I see all these cool blogs and end up spending more time link after link checking out others' interesting, comical and inspirational blogs! Like today, a friend posted this cool link on her Facebook and I was trapped! She also has a fabulous website and I will say it did inspire me to get busy in a lot of area's in my life! I will post links at the end so you too can enjoy :D

Also, my husband's friend posted on her Facebook wall a very inspirational thought : "Awesome church service....after weeks of seemingly amazing services, I have to wonder if the services were any more spectacular than normal or if my heart is just in a place where it can finally hear a little more clearly"  I have to say, that touched my heart when he shared that. I don't know the gal, per say, just by his stories of childhood, but felt like I knew her as I had the same thoughts after our service Sunday evening...Sadly, we didn't make it to morning services...oh we had good intentions...but the adversary had other, instigate mom so she snaps! I woke up to my 13 year old and 9 year old having a pillow fight...oh it started out as an innocent pillow fight, but turned into a feathery death match...ending in 9 year old crying and 13 year old mad because 9 year is acting "like hes 2" that in turn makes 9 year old more upset! You know the saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", well that applied to our home Sunday morning...So, Sunday after dropping boy's off to dad, hubby and I went to evening services...Much needed, reality check service...
I should also add that my patience were already thin from icing my jaw throughout the night from a tooth having to be surgically extracted last Monday...(stitches finally fell out today) Need to add a foot note, my oral surgeon does not believe in pain meds..."Take 4 Advil and two Tylenol, it's the same as a Rx but no side effects"...umm excuse me...I have a hole in my stomach now from ODing on Advil (not really, but wouldn't be surprised!!)

In summary: 
Blog- good idea but not much dedication lately
Sunday morning Church- good idea but not much sanity nor composure

As promised, here are a couple of links that grabbed my attention today

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time keeps slipping...slipping away

Yes, the title is a song...and my song for the year so far. I know I am not alone when I say where has the year gone so far! Gosh I wish I would have listened to my grandparents. They were so wise and spoke from experience. Now I am sharing that passed on wisdom and advice I didn't heed, to my own children. I know they want to figure things out on their own just like I did as an adolescent...I suppose that is only natural. What do you think about quality verses quantity? Well, being the selfish person I am, I want both with those I love. It isn't possible at times with activities, meetings and the dreaded shared parenting time...I shouldn't say boys absolutely love both their father and I and our shared times. They want to be with mama more...although sometimes I feel like its only because I am more of a push-over and I listen to their every complaint. I am blessed though that my boys do come to me over their dad. I guess moms are easier to talk to. We have more patience and are generally more sympathetic. Boys cherish their mothers and I am blessed to have the most amazing boys.

So story time. My 13 year old calls me the other night crying and scared. He is my neurotic one and tends to think he has every ailment around. As his mother I feel responsible for this as at one time I was not so calm and laid back about every cold...flu...any sickness I was sure I was dying...I will thank my grandmother for this one (smiling big for you grandma G). Anyway, Noah calls completely freaked out because he just knows he has an STD...He seen a commercial for STD symptoms and he "has" everyone of them...So I said, Noah, you haven't had sex have you? He replies with a "ewww, no mom." I say "well, why do you think you have an STD?" He replies he kissed a girl after school after he walked her home (he even carried her book bag). I asked if he Frenched kissed her and again got an ewww. Trying not to giggle I assured him he did not have an STD and the only way you can get that is by having sex. And being a mom, I had to slip in that usually it's because they aren't married and when you have sex before you are married that kind of thing can sometimes happen. So I continue with the whole wait for sex thing and its so know how we do. He assured me he was waiting because he didn't want to have an STD and be like those people on the commercial. Ok, so I'm not a fan of scare tactics but this one I may make an exception for. Talked to Noah last night and this morning and he is better. He said he will kiss this girl again but maybe just the cheek. I told him that it was ok to kiss on the cheek or hold hands. I just love being a mama!

Monday, February 14, 2011


As I promised in a previous blog, I am dedicating this post to my BFF...Missy is here name and ironically we share the same middle name as well! Little did we know when we met, just how much we would share...I will start from the beginning.
We had just moved into our house, that is more like town houses...aka old school base housing. My BFF is a Marine wife and I of course am an Air Force wife. The day we met, I happened to be playing football outside in their yard with their kids and mine. She swears my shirt was way too revealing and ended up getting mad and walking to a friends house because he husband was out there as well and according to her my breasts were just too much for her to handle while running around out yes, our first encounter was one of hatred because of my breasts! Well, while playing football, I twisted my ankle and it swelled and turned all pretty blues and, later that evening, my husband felt the need to take me to ER to have it looked at...well guess who we asked to come sit with the kids? Yep, our new neighbors...and that night, we became life long sisters and our families bonded. Little did I know at the time she was angry...Yes, her husband is a cutie and sweet, but I had the most amazing husband and didn't even have a thought of Mr. Marine...So  the days went by and we grew closer and closer...then my husband left for Iraq! We were married just a month before he left, I was new to the city, new to the neighborhood and scared for my husband. So we were either next door or they were over here. We would cook together, shop, cry and I on occasion  referred an argument or two between Mr and Mrs Marine. I fell in love with their kids, and their daughters became mine. My boys fell in love with them and they truly are the family we got to choose! As I think back to those wonderful moments I have to hold back my tears. Tears of joy, sadness and intense misery missing them so much! I have so many stories, pranks, crazy hair ball moments (literally) that I will never in my life ever experience again. Missy is my soul sister. God put us together. We are the Alpha and Omega and sometimes we are each others own Devil and Angel on the shoulder...If I don't come up with it, she does :D

Well, Like most things in life, all good things must come to an end and I knew it could happen, but it snuck up on me. What was I going to do? I still had two months until my husband would be coming back, and they were being transferred. I felt an extreme empty spot coming on in my life. I had just had my missing puzzle piece found when I married my husband, then when they told me they were going to NC I felt that little piece of me fall out of place. How can they do this? I was a good cook, entertainment, referee, place of snoozing for B after school, my boys were in love w/Mr Marine and thought Mrs Marine was gorgeous and sweet...Our family wasn't just on our side, it was both. I love her! I never knew you could have a genuine love for the same sex with out being considered a lesbo :) There was a deeper connection and relationship that went beyond any girlfriend relationship I ever had. Maybe I just didn't open myself up, maybe I wasn't ready, maybe The Good Lord waited to show me true kindred friendship until her. All I can do is thank the Good Lord!

I also want to thank our Heavenly Father not just for blessing our families to be one, but for my Missy's health. See, she is a thyroid cancer survivor with many other health issues that she has been able to fight. She is a fighter in all areas of her life and this was no different. She goes and goes for us, her glorious girls, family and friends. I love her...I love her strength and admire her will to keep going. It would be so easy to just give up with all that she endures, but she doesn't...shes more driven than before. Please God, help me to have her strength.

One more thing about my amazing BFF...She has this unique personality. She can light up a room with her smile and then have that whole room mesmerized by her beautiful smile, quick whit and smart ass sarcasm. Yep, she is truly the whole package. We can't wait, as in a few more years both our wonderful Military men will be retiring about the same time and they are moving back to Indiana...and YES we are already planning what city we will all be in together because we never want to be apart again.

 I love you BFF MMI! You make my days better, my tough times more manageable and you, my dear love, get get "me" and I thank you for so much! I can't wait to pick up where we left off...this time I will have a sidekick...I have a few tricks in mind to get even for some of y'alls pranks!

I'm proud of you, proud of all your sacrifice and proud to have you as my BFF!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


How cool is the blog hop? I think I'm more excited that I actually figured it out and may have actually linked correctly! So, now onto writing an awesome blog!!!

Trying this cool new idea for Blog Hop Friday! Sure hope it takes off...well, more like I hope I figure it out :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SO Excited!

Well, we took the "Home Business" plunge! I am so happy and excited! After months of searching and researching, we chose the best of the best! There are so many facets of this business we love. One of its finest quality's is their "Pay It Forward" motto. How many home businesses allow you to afford the time and money to give back? We are proud to be a part of a company that puts God at the forefront as well...all of the people on our team take Sundays to honor the Sabbath Day and do no work...we like that! There are many ways to connect with potential business prospects, but one way, that we have decided on is to focus on those that are disabled and are not able to find a traditional job. Because my husband is military, he is trying to work with DAV (Disabled American Vets). We have had so many blessings in our life and even in the hardest, rock bottom times, we always seem to land on our feet...eventually...Its our turn to give Pay It Forward!

I am especially excited because the supplement from XANGO called Eleviv,is starting to make a difference in how I feel. Being the sceptic that I am, I wasn't sure if I would be too crazy about yet another vitamin/supplement...but it seems to, if I can get a little personal, made my PMS and menstrual flow a lot lighter. I have also noticed my acid indigestion isn't near as bad! The lotion, JUNI, to be honest, doesn't smell the greatest...Its not bad, but being a foo foo smell good gal, it isn't what I'm used to...thank goodness I love it! You know those bumpy dry spots on your arms you get in the winter? Gone! It was so awesome waking up to no bumps! I took a shower before bed, slapped on some JUNI lotion, went to bed and woke up to softness!!!

I have to be honest, I was hesitant about sharing our business on my blog. Who hasn't heard about the "miracle business" that is going save your life or make you so rich you will be burning money! HA, right! But I also would be doing a disservice if I didn't. Anyone can think they want to work from home but who will make it for real! But let me tell you, if you have the desire to give back, make a difference in your life an others and you can follow directions, you can do this! We work with a top notch team that is so supportive! I never thought millionaires would want to take the time to coach simplest such as ourselves...but they want to see us succeed just as much as we want to succeed!

If you want to see what we are into, check out our website or leave me a message!
Have a wonderful day!! It's almost the weekend! YAY!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Boys

I decided to blog today about my awesome boys. Yes, a brag blog! Who doesn't just love to hear stories about others' children...Right? Well, anyway, I just can't resist! Since we are snowed in and I can't go see them today, I hope this helps get me through the day.

I have written many "death bed" love letters to my boys...Yes, I am neurotic. Okay, so I may not have really been dying, but to me, I didn't want leave this world without them knowing how much I love them...So usually before any medical procedure that's what I do...I wright letters and cards even when I don't think I'm dying, they just might not be as mushy. They all know what to do if something would happen...they know what and where my arrangements are...what music I want...even what I want to wear...And they know my eyebrows better be plucked and nails done! Okay so that may seem a little crazy to some, but dealing with my mothers death and other close family members that avoided this plan of action has made me more obsessed with my end of life plan.

Alright, this is about the boys! One recent surreal occasion was a conversation I had with my 18 year old. When did it go from reading to him, listening to his woes to me confiding in him and he me on adult issues? I love this bond and mutual respect for our opinions, I enjoy sharing and getting feedback...but I blinked and this is where we are! I look at him and watch him and even though he is 18, he is still my little boy. As I tear up with pride and joy that this boy has brought me, I look forward to his future and our relationship steps to come.

Now to my 13 year old...Oh boy! My step-mom always thought he had this wise old man look and the way he carried himself...her little man...And up until his dad and I divorced, he was an absolute mamas boy! This kid wouldn't go to anyone other than his mama. I had to pull him out of pre-school because he was just mortified and miserable being away from we did it at home. He is a thinker and sadly inherited my neurotic tendencies. I tried so hard to not let my kids see that side of me, but he picked up on it. I would always stay calm as can be in any tragedy and tell him "when you see mama worry, you can worry...otherwise, its okay." That did help at certain times...then he would always ask "are you worried mom?" Of course I would have to always say no even when I was. No he is a teen and gets quite the attitude and seems to be less confident than his brothers. He doesn't want his hair cut and that drives me batty. I dread taking him to get it cut because he gets such attitude...Now, yes, I should be MOM and say too bad, you are cutting it...but its easier to let him go than deal with him...yep, pick your battles. But he is a sweetie and when he isn't being a "teenager" he is the coolest ever!

Then there is my 11 year old. He would give you the shirt off his back, while he was slipping your ear buds in his pocket :D Such a sweetie boy with sticky fingers... He is getting better butt we used to have to pad him down before parent exchanges...Its funny now because hes growing out of it, but for awhile we were pretty frustrated! He has a heart valve issue that will require him to have surgery someday...and don't think he doesn't milk that...You remember Sanford and Sons from the late 70's? When the dad would grab his heart and say "Oh my heart, my heart" well, I chuckle because this little man will do the same thing...when he gets in trouble boy does he play that up! He has had a few episodes of real concern, so we do take him seriously for the vast majority of the time, but we know if there was an incident before the grabbing of his chest, he probably needs attention... He is so sporty too! And out of all my boys, he is the most athletic but has to be careful with his heart. I keep praying his scores stay the same and he won't have to go through surgery like his dad. Last two check ups have been good...Power of prayer!

Oh my baby boy! We call him the General! Yes, he is the baby and only nine, but he is a mamas boy! And that's okay! With four boys, I enjoy the mama boy years because soon he won't kissies or huggies or other mommy stuff. The General is so loved and has this charisma that attracts people to him. He smiles with his eyes. I always tell him he has "stars in his eyes". He will grin. When he was younger, he's wake up and say "Mommy, do I have stars in my eyes?" He always shares whatever he has and is so crazy about his big brothers. He can make friends with any animal... He does go insane over spiders though...I guess my crazy Arachnophobia has rubbed off! He promises he will always be my baby and never tell me he doesn't want my lovins. I love my General.

Well, just a little glimpse into my love for my boys. I have two step daughters that I am going to work on finding the good and writing about them too. Prayers for that relationship is much needed.

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