Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Set back

Hmmm....where to start. Well, without being too boring or pity party, I am in pain! Well, right now I'm not as I decided to follow my Doctors orders and take my medication. I had quite a spanking over the phone today for not taking the pain meds and muscle relaxers. Why do we think we can do things and tough it out...Each day praying and praying one day down...the next has to be better... Then I hear of a little boy that is six months old and diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. My gosh, how is that for an eye opener! I don't know the family personally, but my girlfriend is very good friends with the parents and she asked me to make a blanket. So a couple of days after my surgery, she brought over the softest yarn to crochet a blanket...With every stitch practically I prayed over this blanket. I would cry and ask boldly for the Good Lord to intercede and heal this baby boy. So as I was almost finished today, I held it up and it was as crooked as can be! Where oh where did I get off track? Was it because I was thinking too much about this baby? Maybe the tears hid the count...But being my brain dump hobby, it was a non stop thinking project. 

So I praise God for His many blessings, His open arms, eager ear and love beyond measure. And I can't forget the forgiveness we are given just from sincere repentance.

The is no comparison to's the levels we feel it in, emotionally or physically and always remembering (sadly) there is someone worse off than we may be. 

Tomorrow I am going to start over with that blanket with joy and gladness...rejoicing in every blessing and knowing Thy will, will be done.


  1. Great attitude to have! God will get you through! Pain is hard though, isn't it? Best wishes on you feeling better soon.

  2. I am continuing to pray for QUICK healing or at least healing for you...and the little boy. YOU are amazing. Sure love you!
    Cherie(and Jeff)

  3. Thanks Sara and Cherie. I feel ten times better today! Just droggy since I actually am *listening* to the doctor...LOL Hope everyone is having a great day!



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