Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laundry is.....EXCITING!

It's Saturday!! WOOT! For most of us, its a crazy, no structure day. Some it's a catch up day for things we didn't get done from a work week or whatever takes us away from what we need to do at home...

While I'm listening to the dishwasher run, washer run and taking a break to actually sit, I thought I would blog a bit and check in on all my blogs I follow...

I was actually excited to clean and do laundry today... I have been trying to have an attitude that I "get" to do things...That God has blessed me enough to have the ability to cook, clean, run here and there, be there for family and friends...So in my quest to live "Greener" I made my own laundry soap! Yes, I am an independent consultant for Celadon Road and all their products are chemical free...but it is something I have always wanted to try...and since I was "laid" up and hadn't really been able to go anywhere, I made some! I wish I took step by step pictures :( But next batch I will! I started with just one batch, for about 20 to 25 loads...But, I used some of it on the carpet today, and it worked so well on the orange soda spill, I will make another batch tomorrow or Monday, so I will post recipe and step by step pics!!! OH, plus I used it in the dishwasher, I was so excited!! I felt so Martha "Stewertie"...LOL  But I did take pics of the ingredients I stored in glass containers.

My non-plastic obsession drove me to throw away anything plastic. I did keep a few things, mainly measuring cups as things aren't in them long enough to get the nasty chemicals on our food. I also avoid the microwave...Those two things I will post about soon too! So I went to Hob Lob and got this $30 glass jar, marked down 30%. I didn't need it, but wanted it...and the other ones they had weren't very neat and expensive...So yesterday, on a whim, I ran into Family Dollar and got 3 pretty neat jars for LESS than I spent on the one!!! Oh well... More to come and I can't wait to share!!!
Cute labels coming soon, this will work until then 


  1. Awesome! I have never made my own soap of any kind... I hope all the work you did yesterday was a sign of you feeling better...or was it just necessity and you get to do it! I am not at that point yet for most things. I do enjoy the dishwasher and I am grateful to be able to do laundry in a washer and dryer AT MY HOUSE. We didn't have on in Virginia when we were there. I hope you are feeling better. By the way, you don't LOOK a thing like Martha Stewart...sounds like you're very handy like she is.
    Cherie (and Jeff)

  2. Hey Cherie! It is so easy and inexpensive. I *may* have time tomorrow to make some and put recipe and picks as I go. Hope all is well with YOU both!!!

    Lotsa hugs,

  3. Well, I make my own laundry soap, but it still is not exciting for me! Laundry is my thorn in the side. That and ironing!! Which, coincidentally, I am supposed to be doing right now...

  4. Awesome and so natural...cheaper than going to the store! Like the look of your blog.


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