Wednesday, August 17, 2011


What a lucky, lucky girl I am...I have been blessed with a second chance at love, while experiencing a new community and new friends...But now I wanna go home! I can't say it has been all that bad just isn't home...Still in Indiana, yes, but not where I grew up...where family and friends are. So, being the wonderful man he is, my husband is willing to do some sacrificing for me. ((Not that he never has...this is just way big!)) So we looked at a house in town Monday...Loved it! Kinda small...needs some updating...but is my favorite architectural style, Colonial/Victorian. The attic, where the "servants" lived, that took care of a prominent Dr in town, needs to be completely finished. Possible 3 more rooms or one large apartment for the kids as they graduate etc...So the price of this house is a little more than what we would like, being's as there would be a lot to fix-up...The removal of a non-functional pool will be costly...So we are not "in love" with the house but we could be if we had the moo la to make it "ours". The hub will have about an hour and half (plus some days) drive to and from work if we move. How can I make him do that...? I have been away from home for over five years, and think what is 3 more until he retires...and can we afford all that driving? UGH!

Anyway, my days of being spontaneous are over...I have to think, weigh, and contemplate everything lately...even as minor as a vacuum sweeper purchase...Not so much the cost, just getting the right one etc...I over think everything!!! Have you changed in that regard? Have you become the over thinker or the more "just do it" kinda gal (or guy)?

Well, adios and have a great rest of the week!!


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting today! I hope you enjoy making a pebble mat...I still love mine and those rocks really hold up well. Where will you use yours?

  2. Hi Roseanna!!! I have three perfect bamboo type place mats that have been sitting in a basket for a few years! When I seen the pebble mat, I instantly thought of those place mats! I want to use one to cover a cart I have in the bathroom :D If I had one more mat, I thought it would make a cute outdoor mat in front of the door :D Who knows, maybe I will come up with something! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Since you ask, I'm a little bit of both. An over thinker and too spontaneous for my own's a struggle that I think will resolve itself in the future. Maybe not...

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