Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Love this guy

As usual, I look at all these other cute blogs and get wrapped up into asking myself, What is the function of my blog? I don't do "giveaways"...I don't craft enough to post my marvelous projects...let alone instructions as most of the time I get them done by the seat of my pants...Let's not forget the fabulous recipes and gardening and glorious photo's of such. And here I am thinking wow, I just rant, vent, complain and grieve here! Hmmm... "What is your Major Malfunction?"


So for now, I will leave all the talent and know hows to others and just continue to pointlessly blog...So if you want to read about someone elses issues... And possibly take absolutely nothing away from it...I'm your gal...and that blog. 


  1. I love your blog! I feel like I am sitting down chatting with you when I read it. I miss ya and it gets me a little one on one time with you when I can't be there physically! Thanks blogging...I DO find you interesting! Hugs
    Cherie (and Jeff)

  2. Did I just say thanks blogging? Meant Thanks for blogging. :P

  3. Cherie!!! You always make me smile! Geez...I wouldn't care if you were the only one reading my blog, you make it worth it! Such sweet comments!!! Sure do love ya!!!!!


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