Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recap of week

Whew! What a week! Anyone have a crazy week...ok, silly question, I probably already know the answer...If you are alive and breathing, at some point I'm sure there was a little crazy going on. 

So we barely, I mean barely made it until payday this week! I so hate weeks like that! Being military, we only get paid twice a month, so everything comes out the first and fifteenth of the month. I should be used to this, as this has been my life the last five years, but I still sometimes get down to the last penny by the 12th or 13th...This part-time job I took on has helped, as well as a few checks here and there from the hubs business...but with school starting and a mini-vaca, I was in a bit of panic. Gosh I get this wild hairs and think I'm going to be this money saving, penny pinching, domestic goddess and make everything, cook everything and have lots of money left over for savings or whatever...Like today, I went to the store and thought I would buy everything I would need to make my own laundry soap..well, with the sale they had on Tide, and my two coupons, I ended up caving and buying the real stuff...Does anyone else ever do this?? 

Okay, and here is my other thing, I tried to avoid hurting some family member's' feelings and didn't tell my own dad about an incident that involved my nephew and it bit me in the ass today. Here is a man I can go to for anything, but didn't want to make waves or put anymore pressure on him nor hurt my step-sister and all came out today, and I'm miles away to take care of in person...needless to say, I haven't yet talked to anyone other than my other step-sister...what a stinking mess! When it comes to my father, I don't say anything that might worry or upset him because he has so much on his plate...but now that act of thinking may have really upset him more...UGH! So my one step-sister who is part of this, is upset as well...but I really didn't want to point my finger and accuse her son of something. Rather just let it go, for sake of the family...So that's my drama...There are times I feel like I'd rather take my husband and kids and just find a cave and be hermits...Okay, so that is unrealistic...but it has crossed my mind!

Well, enough of my rambling. I pray everyone has a great, stress free week and has much success in whatever you do.


  1. Oh my gosh Jane...I am so sorry...I hate drama in the family...I was always the one who tried to smooth things over...and that happens...I love ya. If it helps at all please know I pray for you and yours all the time. I hope your week will be stress free and you can feel peace and tranquility in your extended family as well as your immediate family.
    Don't I know about having more week at the end of the money!!! DANG!!!!!!! Hate that...something always happens that makes you sweat bullets until the next check is put in!!! UGH.
    I understand you wanting to make your own soap...and you can learn...however, nowadays, it is cheaper to buy the stuff and save it for emergencies than it is to make it yourself...I gave up on many of those things a long time ago...the only thing I still do occasionally is sew...or something like that...mostly because I love certainly isn't cheaper anymore.
    You are a goddess in every sense of the word...domestic and don't have to make soap to prove it! Hugs alot.
    Cherie (and Jeff)
    PS... we are moving...I have one thing I needed to mail out and I packed the envelopes...ugh! That is the story of my life when I pack. Although...Penelope, the kitty girl, isn't in a box anywhere...hahaha

  2. Thanks Cherie! You can always make things seem...well, less trivial...

    It is so sad that we can buy things cheaper than making our own things...other than the natural and maybe allergy reasons, what is the sense?

    You are so sweet! Thanks for the prayers, and I'm so grateful you keep us in your prayers!

    So when is the official move date??



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