Friday, August 19, 2011

Jean Day


Ahhh jeans! I haven't wore them in months! I really wasn't thinking about putting them on when I stepped into the shower this morning...But that quickly changed with the decision not to shave my legs! UGH! There are times I just don't feel like shaving...and I have to admit, in the winter, I forgo doing so sometimes. Okay, well enough about hairy legs...Hahaha 

The last couple of evenings, I have been checking out some pretty awesome blogs! One, has a CUTE pebble mat craft I am so going to try this weekend! The link is if you might feel a bit crafty this weekend...Looks super simple without much time or cost. Will post pics when done...I still haven't started the rag quilts I wanted to make for each of the boys...its okay will happen.

Well, I have to hit the road here in a couple of hours, so I better get my stuff around to get mailed and have time to stop at the Dollar Tree for those pebbles! 

Enjoy your FRIDAY!!! Woot!

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