Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, what a wild and crazy last few weeks! I have been getting up early and getting much accomplished...Not a morning person...YUCK...But I have lots to do and little time so its Go Go Go!!

I am so excited I got Joshua's Commencement announcements and his Graduation Party invitations done! YAY! They are so cute too...I mean cool...can't say anything remotely cute when it has to do with an 18 year old boy...LOL

Now, off to help a pal then Indy for an event...Neighbor is staying here and taking care of Trip and I am ever so grateful! 

Adding song that I am using on Josh's Graduation video I'm making!!! Happy Saturday!


  1. When is Josh's big day? I just can't believe that 12 year old sweetie is now an 18 year old sweetie! You guys have fun and know we will be thinking of you all. Sure love ya
    Cherie and Jeff

  2. Graduation is 12 June and his party is 10 July. It sure has flown by!! Thanks, he is such a sweetie and I will let him know y'all are thinking of him!



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