Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, I did it...opened my big I'm feeling bad. Maybe not bad, but frustrated that 
A) I let my emotions get the best of me and 
B) Complained when I really should have let it roll off

So here is a letter I wrote about a local Culvers today...I THOUGHT it was going to corporate, but come to find out, after reading the "Thank you for contacting your local Culvers Owner" I went into OH CRAP mode! So of course she will know who I am! Not only will I go back there because I'm disappointed, but because she will absolutely HATE me!

So here is the letter I wrote thinking it was going to Corporate!

 Twice a week I go north of the state and pass through Wabash and at least once a week I would stop at Culvers and get a "treat". Most of the time it was a Concrete Mixer but on occasion I would get some "food". A few weeks ago, I went through drive-thru and was greeted rather poorly and pulled away vowing to never go to Culvers (at least this one) again. After talking to a few friends who live around and in Wabash,it seemed I was not the only one who has had poor experiences!!! In fact this same owner told a gentleman that had an issue with their rudeness that she owned the place and didn't answer to anyone! Well, tonight my husband and I were heading back home and I asked him if he would stop, a mixer sounded good. He was hesitant per the last experience but we went anyway...Let me tell you, I can GUARANTEE we will not be visiting Wabash Culvers no matter what frozen custard craving I may have. The OWNER of all people was extremely rude and short. She had no patience for my husband to decide what he wanted and he ended up not getting anything (lost sale). I regrettably ordered a Brownie Batter Mixer that was so runny and had very little brownie and so chocolaty I didn't even eat it...In the garbage it went! I requested vanilla custard and she acted like it was a huge ordeal. As we drove off, it seemed very chocolaty and I had my husband stop to run in and make sure it was vanilla...Let me tell you, biggest mistake! "The customer is always right" motto does not exist with her. She was so short and matter of fact and had no problem being down right rude. I asked if she owned this Culvers and she replied she did,and as I was walking out, I, unfortunately made a short comment that "everyone answers to someone..." well, she didn't hear and rudely yelled WHAT DID YOU SAY? So I repeated and walked out. She may not answer to anyone...and this complaint may go to the way side, but I will tell all my friends and family not to visit that Culvers. I will recommend as well as visit other establishments from here on out. We live in Indiana...Not New York or any other big city where it MIGHT be understandable to be snooty and rude... Thank you for your time and and hopefully a resolve in this matter. I think Culvers standards are a little more higher than allowing it's franchises to have a bad reputation...and independent owners that have no accountability! 

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  1. Jane, doesn't sound like you were rude at all. Someone obviously needed to share something somewhere and at least you tried to go to the source. To many restaurants and things around to not be courteous to your customers. She will learn in the hardest way...hope all is well. Give responsibility where it is due, Jane. YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON!!! I love ya.


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