Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just some thoughts on what I have learned the last few days...

Sometimes no matter what you do it is never good enough

I really admire and appreciate my husband

My boys are so more resilient than I ever imagined

The Good Lord really does want us to hand over our troubles to Him 

I'm really not as young and spry as I thought I was

I have a LOT more thoughts, but maybe here isn't exactly the best place for my revelations...


  1. We'd love to feature you on Mom Blog Society... Also, join our Alexa Blog Hop weekend... www.momblogsciety.com

  2. Dear Wacky and Donna...
    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments! I would absolutely LOVE to be featured! How exciting!!!

    And Donna, so many epiphanies just some don't sink in...LOL So when those come to surface its quite eye opening ;)


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