Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Staying with my Thankful Thursday commitment...Below is my 22 since last Thursday. If you want to join in, go ahead and click RIGHT HERE! Thanks for stopping by and have a great and thankful Thursday!

23) My son spending some special time visiting the last few days

24) The SUN today

25) The girls at work for pulling my weight when I was sick

26) The sweet book Josh got me reminding him of times I would sing to him

27) Sweaters :*)

28) Goes without saying but ALWAYS Thankful for GOD

29) The hub

30) The kiddo's

31) Fun Fall activities

32) DAV (Disabled American Vets)

34) Thankful for eye openers

35) I know it sounds crazy, but my plants...if you knew the ratio of dead to living plants in my adult life, you'd be thankful my thumb is greener...LOL

36) My pink bathroom for the memory behind the pink :D

37) The kindness of strangers

38) My Aunts pumpkin farm

39) Lessons from the past that I can apply today

40) Thankful that Am normal compared to some that are on Peoples Court  :*)

41) My neighbors

42) Thankful for being able to be at the boys' swim lessons

43) Pure love

44) Memories from my cluttered refrigerator

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