Friday, November 26, 2010


What a weekend! It was a pretty good Thanksgiving. My dear hubby had to work, as usual... I guess I should just be grateful my husband has a stable job...and I appreciate the Military plus understand the military spouse support...but boy do I miss him. I am ever so grateful he is stateside with us now and won't be going anywhere ((hopefully)) for a while. And, it looks like, for the fourth Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, he will be working. 

So, okay, with all those sweet things I said and the love i feel for him, can I say something here...? Okay, for being such a smart man, he will fall for just about anything. He is somewhat naive in the little email ads or magazine subscriptions, you know the ones..."Thank You for purchasing your magazine subscription, now you qualify for 62% off any other subscription plus discounts in the future..." Oh brother, guess what? He was so excited and really wanted to order more? Then he gets emails for extra saving on collectible coins but its a "limited time"... And you know what? My husband would so get sucked into that if I didn't hold the red flag over  him. He is a sweetie and one time he fell for this scam that he could get this dish set for only S&H (4.95)...but he forgot to pay attention to the 29.99 monthly payment fee... so we got charged the fee, (straight form out bank) and no pans!!! UGH! I'm sure y'all know how that turned out...LOL He got a loving scolding and is no longer allowed to make online purchases w/o The  WCO's ((wife commanding officer)) approval...LOL 
 Oh the lessons we learn...Okay, just one more little pick...he and I will play a game on Facebook, bejeweled together and I kick his tail...and he will actually get mad and all defensive! LOL
Sometimes I do just giggle, sometimes ignore and sometimes, dish it back...LOL Whats a HoosierGirl to do?
Oh, I will just keep showing him The Love :D

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