Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, I am officially crazy...according to my boys anyway... I like to think of it as being comfortable with who I am  but they see it differently. Why is it considered crazy when you give a girl at a gas station a dirty look for flirting with your husband... And really, is it so crazy when someone is being caddy to return the favor- but with a smile? I have decided that I may be crazy but I am just making memories for my kids to share with their kids. What seems crazy to kids, is really just moms and wives who have had enough and just get tired! We are tired of wiping off the toilet seat all the time... cleaning the spilled cereal that no one sees fall to the floor when it gets poured... The sink left dirty from shaving... The inability to NOT slam on the brakes...etc...etc... I mean we can tolerate the "normal" day to day issues...But darn it, when I am out and someone cops an attitude I am flat out just going to call for a straight jacket myself because I have had it! And yes, I may turn into the ugly green monster, but I don't care! You think your just so cute, all fresh with batting the eyes and sweet talking... all the while being a little snot to the wife! Okay, okay, this post may prove that I am crazy... Well, I prefer "colorful and passionate"! But boy do I feel better :D

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