Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kicking Around

When I hear "Tis the Season" I wonder what really is "Tis the Season"... What does that mean...Surely not "To be jolly..." because it is usually said in disdain. So I was thinking, for me, it means Christmas Parties! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy attending and usually have a good time, but how many of you kind of dread them? The whole finding something to wear, getting kids around (if allowed), taking a gift or food, the small talk when you get there, when to leave... There are other meanings...too much money spent, weather, running around.. Hohumm...

My other issue, Facebook! I love FB! I enjoy status updates...commenting and especially the "like" button...But here is my problem, I have a friend that every time I post something of interest, maybe a link etc... always manages to make a catty comment and usually negative and sometimes incorrect on facts he spouts. So, I have given up on posting anything that could be controversial due to this. And I am also bummed a bit because although I love having certain family and friend, I just don't post what I used to or really want. I guess that is another reason I made a blog...I know I will hear the "Post anyway, who cares" but I also want to remain respectful and not rock the boat. I guess keeping my motto : Pick your battles... So in the mean time, I will remain a bit subdued on posts and vent here... Does anyone else feel this way?

Well, I am about to try my hand on making "lotion bars"... Hope it turns out because the money I spent to make these I could have bought a couple of nice gifts! LOL So, we shall see... Anyone else made these? 

Thanks for stopping by! More to come, have a couple more items on my mind... will get to after my bar endeavour!


  1. Use the little lock thingy to block the people who you think might cause issues or whatever from seeing those posts on facebook. That's what I do. Right now I am posting stuff about trying to get a girl I know placed with me through a kinship placement with foster care. She's on my list and I don't want her to know about it til it's a done deal (so she doesn't get hopes up and it maybe falling through) so I block her from seeing those posts.

    Merry Christmas! *HUGS*

  2. Good idea! I so forgot about that option! Thanks!!!


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