Friday, December 17, 2010

Where has the time GONE

Wow! It has been over two weeks since I posted! What has been going on? Hmmm... I can't really answer that! Okay, I could... CHRISTMAS! Need I say more! I hadn't done any shopping at all until a few days ago. I still am not done nor am I ready! I love shopping but wrapping's kinda like doing all the laundry but not wanting to fold and put away...Can I just stuff all their stuff in laundry baskets? Hehehe! I actually have help from the hubby to wrap, so that makes it more fun! Well, except the Military in him really comes out and each package has to be perfect! LOL It's cute, but frustrating when we are rushed for time and he gets meticulous. Sometimes he gets kinda Martha Stewart and makes the packages all different shapes and decorations...I'm not complaining, I appreciate his help. So now I have a few more to get for then let the wrapping begin! I VOW to start shopping earlier this next year!

Who has started with their New Years resolutions? I am thinking about what I need to work on...coming up with some good ideas...LOL I do know I want to make it a blog and be a place for others to share and comment so whatever I do, it better be GOOD!! One of my many is to blog faithfully everyday ;)

Aside from the shopping and wrapping I can't complain. In fact I should be shouting praises. I have great, healthy and happy kids...I have a loving, devoted and dare I say SEXY husband ;) And we have been blessed to have a military job and benefits. Wonderful friends... But most of all I am grateful for the knowledge that we have a loving and forgiving Father in Heaven who even though I may not always like the results, knows what is best for all His children.Thank you for the comfort.


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