Monday, December 20, 2010

All About ME Monday Favorite Holiday Memory

This particular ALL ABOUT ME MONDAY over at Casual Blogger Community, got me to really thinking! I have so many fond memories of not only the boys over the years, but from my own childhood. Coming from a divorced home it was pretty crazy at this "Most Wonderful Time Of The Year". I actually enjoyed or should I say, made the best of the hectic schedules. But my absolute best Christmas memories were going to my Grandma and Grandpas. I loved the feeling of absolute love all around, cousins playing, adults laughing and seeing family you didn't ordinarily see. My grandma had a deep freeze that all the desserts went on. There were always more desserts than there was "food" or so I thought. My Aunts famous peanut better fudge (that one year I got sick from eating too much, but still went back for more) and my other Aunts candy cane cookies. I often get sad with the thought that my boys never really had that experience with my grandparents like I did. 

One recent memory we all laugh about today is last year we were coming back from my fathers and we were all singing Christmas songs... 12 Days of Christmas came up and the more frustrated we got at forgetting 10, 11 and 12th husband sped a little more...until he got pulled over... we were all laughing as the officer came up and I was able to explain what was going on...we didn't get a ticket but before he left, I asked "Do you happen to know the last few days of 12 Days of Christmas?" He just giggled and shook his head...

But, through it all, my absolute fondest memories are every Christmas I get to enjoy with my boys and knowing that I can share my love and belief in Christ our Savior.Hopefully to always keep the Joy and Christ in Christmas!

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