Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puppy Worms

Well, after much discussion, debate and persuading, I finally talked my husband into getting us a puppy. We picked up Trip Sunday. He is an adorable Shuh-Tzu and full of character. He is only 9 weeks old so he resembles a gerbil...LOL He has just been so sweet an an absolute joy. The boys haven't seen him yet as they are with dad until Wednesday so they are going to be pretty shocked. My boys are such animal lovers and think kind of surprises me because their dad and I aren't HUGE into many animals, but those boys will flock to any type. 

So anyway, here comes the crazy part...something I have never experienced...Trip pooped a Roundworm this morning! He had his first shots and was dewormed before we picked him up so I was in shock! I knew dogs could get worms, but I had never seen them! It looked like cooked spaghetti! There was only one in there, about two inches long but I was in panic mode... So I was envisioning the house requiring Hazmat, deworming me and the hubby and an all out freak out clean...you know, that crazy, you just know something is going to crawl on you or in you clean... I called the gal we got Trip from and she assured me this was normal and he is probably passing what may have been left over as well as calmed my nerves with the thought of us getting them.  So then I, being the type that isn't satisfied with one answer, called my aunt who used to work for a Veterinarian and manages a county Humane Shelter to get her input. She said the same thing and giggled at my neurotic frenzy. So, I guess this is a normal thing and he should be just fine...He goes to the vet in three weeks so I am sure he will be just fine.

Here is my new baby, little Trip. 


  1. I like your puppy very much. May we steal him? He's so cute!

  2. Thank you! He is so sweet! I think someone is getting attached :D I have a "babysitter" I am told...LOL

    I am happy to report there were no wormies in his latest poop!!!


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