Tuesday, October 12, 2010


How many marbles do you think we have...I ask because I'm not sure how many I have left. I am always losing my marbles. Do you think they are like blood cells that replenish themselves? I sure hope so because it seems like my marbles are limited.

Okay, well here it is just after 8 am and my nerves are already shot. I have nothing against animals, at all. They can't help who they have been stuck with and the definitely can't tell others whats up... But this neighbor behind me has a dog that is a blood hound slash beagle...kids think it's cute... I however am about to feed it some Nyquil. This dog bark/howls all the stinking time. It can be for hours or minutes  this dog "talks" to the whole neighborhood! Of course you feel bad for the (now whining) dog... and would like to take the parent's of this dog and ask HOW can they tolerate it?? The lady of the house is very unapproachable so I have yet to muster up the (shocker I know) energy needed to deal with this situation. I have thought of different ways to talk to her and usually in my head comes out where I had her on a collar, strung outside!
Hold on, let me relish in that a minute....Okay, that's better! This dog issue is just one of the many joys of living in a close (not close knit) housing community...

Now, well, I shouldn't sound so negative. I have some awesome neighbors. A few we have become very close to. Those are the ones that keep us sane. Most of our neighbors are prior military or current law enforcement as well as fire department and of course those are our circle of friends that comes with job association. It is very comforting to know there is back up when needed and medics (first hand experience) right around the corner. Although that is a positive aspect, our home, that we own, is a three level home attached to another home such as ours. We live in old base housing. Houses aren't too bad. Theres many updates and we do our share of "updating" our way... So now envision being able to hear everything!

Stage left....ROLL... Okay here we are, at my house, barking dog, and the noisiest neighbors ever!! The previous owners had six people in it and I literally never heard them, ever! We were so close and they were a lifesaver to me during a time I needed honest, true friends most. That story to come soon... Anyway...the gal and her daughter, yep, you read right, TWO people in the home... Are so loud. It is non freaking stop! I have no idea what they do over half the time! The daughter is 9, mom, well, she is heavy footed...and strong armed...SLAM...STOMP!!! Daughter doesn't like what she's told, well here it comes...STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, SLAM....BANG... UGH! It is about to drive me up a wall! I even tried in the friendliest way possible to talk to her...she has no clue how they are that loud, then proceeds to blame it on her ice machine "must be the ice machine dropping ice". My favorite "ohhhhh, I bet its the cat"!!! Are you kidding me??? I even tried to go around Joe's barn to explain to her daughter the rudeness of being so loud using my kids as an example. Still nothing! The six small steps from level to level doesn't need to be a hoedown!

Okay, I guess that's it for now. 

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