Saturday, October 9, 2010

cRaZy DaY

What a day! Gosh I was so tired today! Couldn't get motivated! I did make brownies and cabbage soup. Boys did join in on the fun... one helped with with the brownies (to like the spoon I'm sure) The other little man helped chop veggies for soup. Turned out pretty good. Against my better judgement I did eat a sliver of brownie. Wasn't sure the outcome with tummy troubles, but seemed to be OK. Went over way better than the Boost I drank for breakfast! Yikes!! This whole gluten, sugar, wheat etc...etc... free food stuff gets aggravating! The result has been good as far as scales go, of course I weigh myself more because I spend more time in the bathroom (not good).

I'm not sure why, but Mr. Man seemed to be off his game this weekend and pretty obnoxious. I guess just like us adults, kiddo's can be quite out of sorts as well. That boy sure did test my nerves :D  Little Man was so tired today. Even his eyes said so. I think they were both pretty wiped out! We ran to town to window shop then got some ice cream at the Dairy Queen. That seemed to help. Got home, showers the night, night.

Now I am able to be home with my man...The BIG MAN. Yep, were showered and ready to settle down for the evening as well. It has been a long rough week for my amazing husband. Taking it to The Good Lord and hopefully he will give us an answer... what ever He feels best. 

So I guess it's time to put the posting to bed for now.


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