Monday, January 10, 2011


Ever get that gnawing feeling when you don't blog? Well, I have had that feeling for days! Has the Holidays messed you up as much as they have me? I guess I have been kind of avoiding the whole blog thing because most posts have been about resolutions, new beginnings and all that good stuff and I just am not ready for that yet! I have read some posts on Facebook by friends that said "I resolve to not make resolutions" LOL
So I guess that has kinda been my thoughts. I'm not a party pooper or pessimistic person, I just need some more time to think this through ;) It's still early in the game, right?

I did decide on a few topics that I want to blog about in the new year...haven't figured out how I want to lay them out, but it will happen... Want a preview?
  • How much I love and admire my best friend forever
  • Since my mom passed away in April '10, I wanted to take that month and blog about her
  • Joshuas graduation (sniffle)
  • Our new business venture
  • Step mom guidance and resources
Those are just a few of my ideas. I hope to touch someone in some way with a smile, motivation or a touch of reality and an appreciation of their life...

Happy Happy Monday!!!

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